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Hi everyone,

Hope you are all well and just wanted to do a small blog as a conclusion to my trip to Burundi and once again thanks to you all for your prayers and support while I was away. Please continue to pray for the people of Burundi and for the Church out there as it continues to go through difficult times. I have now been back home for 2 weeks and things are starting to feel ‘normal’ again to an extent although my time away has shown me and taught me a lot of wonderful lessons that hopefully I’ll never forget.

So the last time I blogged I was telling you about the latest progress on Muramba church and the fact that the columns had been started. I have since been able to show many people and groups some pictures from the church since I’ve returned and I am aware now that the columns have been completed. That said, the church is still only about 1/3 complete and so requires much prayer and support to enable progress to continue as it has done so far. It has been amazing though to hear Canon Seth, who is also the Archdeacon of the area, mention how he had prayed for a number of years to the Lord regarding how the building of this church could ever be financed and how he was completely lost and without any ideas in his own strength as to how this could be achieved. And then as he said himself, God brought a team of people from Ireland over to Burundi and from that the church has begun to be built so it’s wonderful to see how God has everything in control once again and how people praying and supporting on one side of the world can help their brothers and sisters 6000 miles away. Praise the Lord.

Please pray for all the different people from Burundi who so many of us know or have visited or perhaps have just heard about. I was able to spend the day with Alison Gill in Bujumbura before I returned and that was very nice. Alison is doing extremely well in Burundi and her work within trauma healing and reconciliation with Harvest for Christ is keeping her busy. Please just pray God’s protection and blessing upon her though as she continues to settle back into Burundian life following her summer at home.

Please also pray for Steve and Lucy McIlhenny up in Muyinga province as they continue to develop their activities and pray that the things they need and the paperwork etc can arrive in as orderly and effective way as possible. Please pray for Martin from Germany who is based at the Theological Institute in Matana and for all the plans which God puts upon his heart also.

Thank you once again for all your support whilst I have been away. I’ve had the opportunity since I’ve been back to speak at a number of different churches regarding Burundi and more opportunities are in the pipeline. Should anybody however want me to address a group or their church regarding Burundi please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Please continue to pray that God will provide the Burundian people with all that they need and that the rainy season starting anytime will be sufficient for their needs and allow them to harvest as per their needs. Please pray also for Muramba church and for the conference centre at Mahwa which the Archbishop has highlighted as the two projects he would like to maintain momentum on. The conference centre at Mahwa is particularly important as it is to be built upon land recently given by the government to the church and as a consequence it needs to be seen that some activity is taking place otherwise the government could simply take the land back again. If anybody feels in their heart that they could help either of these projects or indeed knows of anyone else who could, please contact Niall Manogue in the CMS Office or indeed myself.

So now it’s full attention upon the situation back home again but the wonderful thing is that no matter where we are as God’s people, He is never far away and is protecting us day by day. I have certainly felt this protection this past 3 months and I give thanks for it,

God Bless,

Alastair Donaldson

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