Reunions, Visa, Church, FNL join Burundi army ...

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Prayer letter no. 14

Download the PDF here.

Reunions, Visa, Church, Burundi army …

I hope you’re well and those of you back home are enjoying the warmer weather and spring flowers – which I love and miss.

Last weekend I travelled by bus with Meg Lavery to Kigali to see our YWAM Belfast friends. The above photo is those of us from last year’s team at the SA2010 qualifying match of Rwanda v Algeria. It was a fantastic atmosphere but sadly no goals scored!

My biggest news – and thank you for praying – is that last Thursday I was granted a 2 year Visa D’Etablissement without having to pay any extra fees which is nothing short of a miracle! I had visited immigration around 15 times, often spending hours there and it is such a relief to have it.

I have been working hard at Kirundi study. One of my latest phrases I can construct is ‘Mfise amahoro y’Imana mu mutima wanje’ = I have God’s peace in my heart. I believe that one day it will be worth it but focusing on language study one on one is a lonely journey and I would love to be working properly now!

Church wise I’ve been going to a French / English service with good teaching; catering more for the elite. I go to an English speaking home gp from that Church where I live which is a blessing. I sense God is saying to look for a Kirundi speaking Church, working with the poor, where, language skills pending, I could be involved more in giving and receiving esp. in pastoral care. Please pray!

The last rebel group, the FNL, is now being integrated into the army. The political focus is turning towards next year’s elections with things starting to hot up. On our drive back to Buj. Meg and I saw a huge CNDD-FDD (a political party) meeting in Kayanza.

This month I have YWAM Belfast DTS outreach here – I’ve organised their Bujumbura programme. My very dear friend Sheron from Brockley Church (living in Nairobi) is coming for Easter. Wishing you a very happy and blessed Easter as we celebrate Jesus’ death and resurrection!

Working for peace and reconciliation

One of my friends here in Burundi, called Isaac, recently shared some of his testimony with me and said I can share it here. Isaac is a Hutu and his father was killed by the Tutsi army in 1994. Yet he made a decision, helped by his Christian faith, not to take revenge against Tutsis but to see them as his brothers and sisters and look after them as he would Hutus. In 1995 a Hutu rebel group was killing Tutsis and Isaac agreed to hide 3 in his home.

The Hutu rebels told Isaac that they wanted the Tutsis but Isaac told them that he must die before they kill them. The rebels came 4 times but eventually Isaac was able to help the Tutsis return home.

Later he created an organisation, ‘I am for peace’ which teaches methods of peace and reconciliation so that Hutus and Tutsis can work together. Their mission statement is from John 17:21: ‘that they might be one’.

Prayer points

• Praise for 2 year work permit received without any corruption.
• Guidance in finding a Church to belong to.
• God’s grace and speed for acquisition of Kirundi and more French.
• For the FNL’s integration into the Burundi army and for a peaceful build up to the elections in 2010.
YWAM Belfast team here – to be a blessing and catch God’s heart for Burundi.
• Increase in monthly support to meet significant shortfall caused by falling pound.