Going Home for Just Over a Month

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Going home for just over a month
Greetings! On 20th I’ll be back in England for just over a month. I can’t wait to see many of you socially or at talks / church gatherings.

I am really looking forward to having time with iNet to talk and pray through life here and hear what God is saying as I prepare to return at the end of July.

Last week at the Flame conference, I caught another glimpse of amazing ministry here. I feel passionate about God’s work here but it is costly and isolating living here – I miss friends, family and Church the most. It’s a real loss for me and others having the Guillebaud’s move to the US for some time. They have been such a blessing here to so many but I thank God the start of my time here coincided with them being here. I pray they will be so blessed.

My parents have booked to come here for a week from Boxing Day which is a miracle! I have a guest room and would love more visitors so please let me know when you can come!

Thanks for all your support, contact and prayers. I’ll write again in August.

Flame inner healing conference in Buye
I think last week was the most powerful week I have had in Burundi ever! Frederic and I joined Flame International in Buye Anglican Diocese for an inner healing conference. We had around 50 participants: mainly pastors and Bible College students .

In the first couple of days there was some teaching on The Fall, the Cross, healing the human spirit and forgiveness. People spent time repenting and releasing forgiveness to others. However by the end of the second day things still felt pretty heavy. We had quite a number of intercessors praying and we spent time really asking God for a breakthrough.

It came the following day. I shared a devotion on Ps 130, encouraging folk that this was their time for healing and then there was some excellent teaching on generational sin, emotional healing and soul ties. Many sins were confessed, incl. involvement in witchcraft and sexual sin and God healed people emotionally and physically.

Mark Leakey, born in Buye, spoke on ‘cleansing the land’. He and another man repented on behalf of the sins of Europeans, incl. missionaries, against Africans. Then Jean, the Diocesan Secretary, lead a very powerful time with the Burundians repenting for the wars and conflicts they have caused here.

Let’s go on praying protection, blessing and fruit for all who participated. 

Prayer points:
- For safe journeys to / from Burundi and in UK.
- Good meetings with iNet and clarity on the way forward re friendships / spiritual input and work.
- Praise for my new on-fire housemate, Olivia, who’s representing GLO in Simon’s absence.
- Quality time at home with friends and family.
- For the Lord’s refreshment and renewal in England and in Burundi.