Been and Gone!

Ronnie___maggie_3 Posted by Ronnie & Maggie Briggs on Wed, 26 Sep 2007 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Now that all of the MPO’s have had time to settle back into the daily routine of their life back home, they’ve had time to reflect on their experiences in Kenya. Here are a few of their thoughts and feelings.

Don Todd, from Ballyholme Parish, used his IT Consultant skills to network together the computers in the ‘Health For All’ Clinic in Kajiado as well as installing computers into the Diocesan offices – all of which were donated by Altnagelvin hospital. Here is what he has to say about his trip;

“If you were to ask me what I remembered most from my trip to Kenya it would have to be the people. Certainly the people from the ACK in Kajiado were wonderful, gentle, friendly people, very appreciative that you had come to work with them and always, but always, giving off that wonderful aura of living their faith. There are so many examples of individuals who could only be described as “giants” in the community, models of how the church should be at the centre of people’s lives, working to improve their community.

What is also abundantly apparent is the respect which CMS Ireland and ACK have for each other in working in this partnership. It is only through seeing this working up close that it can be fully appreciated.

Other vivid memories of my trip would be the sights which we just don’t get at home:the lorries with “God Blesses” painted on the front;lots and lots of people walking; carts towed by donkeys; the legions of small minibuses (matatu) serving as local transport; the wonderful names of places (the Ya Ya Centre).

The overall experience is one I would highly recommend and does show that we all have some talents to contribute, and know that any contribution will be fully appreciated.”

Jenny Myers, from Lisburn Cathedral, using her Project Managing background, worked with the Planning and Developing Department to assist with producing information to help with the all important reporting process back to those who support the work in Kajiado. This is her reflection on the time she spent with us;

“Hamjambo, a ‘Mission Placement Opportunity’ was what it was called and what an opportunity!

I got to meet the people in their place of work, at home and at play, I became their friend, I found out all about them. Their families, their concerns, their hopes, we exchanged growing up stories, we discussed our different countries and cultures. We shared prayers, we joined in worship, we celebrated together, we ate together. We greeted each other with handshakes and hugs, sometimes we just nodded, smiled and marvelled at Gods creation. We joined together, one people with one God.

Bwana asifiwe”

Brian Howe, from Agherton Parish, put his accountancy skills to good use in the Accounts offices in Isinya and Kajiado, transferring accounts from books to Quickbook on the computer. This is what he has to say about his experiences;

“Would I be able to cope? Would I be able to make a difference? Would I really be able to help change things? Was life going to be the same again? – All these thoughts and more raced through my mind as I sat on the plane heading from London to Nairobi. ‘Enjoy the flight upgrade because it might be the last bit of luxury for a few weeks.’

Almost three weeks later and I was heading back home again after my sojourn in Africa. I had been working with the Anglican Church of Kenya, sponsored and organised through CMS Ireland and based at the Maasai Rural Training Centre, Kajiado. I had been reviewing the audited accounts for the various charitable and supported projects they undertake and I had been helping to install and set up a computerised accounting system.

Well the answer to the first three questions was yes but the answer to the last one was a resounding no. The welcome and support I received from Ronnie, Maggie & Naomi Briggs; the other team members; The Bishop; the members of the Church and the staff at the MRTC all made an indelible mark on my life. Of course I could cope; hopefully I was able to make a difference and help change things but it was I who came back changed. Unity in the Body of Christ [Eph: 4] is self evident in the work and witness in that part of the world. – Thank you and God bless.”

At the reunion which will be held on Saturday 29th September, we are all hoping to share even more stories and enjoy each others company. You could probably do something like this as well……. Just contact the office to find out how!