Eight new classrooms for Haddow

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I’m delighted to report that the construction of the 8-classroom extension at Haddow Primary School is progressing well and is scheduled to be completed by 30th September, 2012.

While I was on a recent visit to Ibba Diocese with a team from St John’s Parish, Moira, I visited the school in Maridi and saw the 2 blocks of 4 classrooms for myself. The contractors are currently fitting the roof, windows and doors whilst completing the plastering.

I met with Rev Martin the Diocese’s Project Manager. He said, “Bishop Justin and the Diocesan staff and especially the school staff are really excited by the development work at the school, this will enable the school to accommodate so many more pupils.” I also met the Contractor’s Engineer who confirmed that the building work was on schedule and should be completed by the end of the month. The Diocese’s Haddow Primary School has been the top performing primary school of all the primary schools in Maridi County for the last number of years.

I asked the Rev Martin about how the new Christ Town Primary School was progressing since the new building was completed last year. He informed me that the 8-classroom school had a total of 970 pupils attending. Some progress has been made with teacher salaries with 3 from a total of 13 teaching staff at the school, being paid by the Government.

I also met some of the staff of Haddow Primary School including Joseph ,the Education Officer and Godfrey, the Burser when I visited. They informed me that that Haddow Primary School currently had 782 in attendance including 482 boys and 354 girls. Of the total of 18 teachers at the school the Government is now paying the salaries of 7 teachers. There were also 180 students attending Haddow Secondary School, this number is made up of 125 males and 55 females.

This is all extremely encouraging for education in Maridi and the future prospects of the children of the area. Visiting the schools will be an important part of the itinerary of the 11-strong Down & Dromore and Albany Dioceses Meta team visiting in October.

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