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It doesn’t seem that long ago since I was writing about a young Congolese refugee, Charles Agele. You can read my blog about Charles here but here’s a brief reminder:

Charles with his memorable beaming smile, was one of two refugees who presented themselves to John Spens at the Yei Vocational Training College office on that day in Autumn 2006. They were enquiring about studying at Yei Vocational Training College and also required somewhere to live and to boot a job. They had recently returned from refugee camps in DR Congo and were French speaking, which was a bit of a challenge even for John! John appointed one as the College Gardener and one as a Security Guard.

Well to update you all…today, Charles is about to complete his degree in Health Management in Kampala, Uganda and has recently been appointed as the new Manager of Martha Primary Health Care Centre in Yei. What a truly amazing achievement…but the story does not finish there.

You may remember Charles’ story… but who and what happened to the other young man?

Charles’ friend is called James Malish and his story is equally miraculous and encouraging. After some months of faithful service around the YVTC, an opportunity arose. Thanks to Irish Aid funding, CMS Ireland was able to send James back home to DR Congo to study for four years to qualify as a Clinical Officer.

James successfully qualified as a Clinical Officer last year and he was appointed as the Team Leader of the Mobile Clinic based out of Martha Primary Health Care Centre in Yei. The team travel each week to the Archdeaconries in Yei Diocese. They have had a truly fantastic year performing a much-needed and providing an incredible service as they visit a different village each day, often seeing over 100 patients during their clinic. On Saturday John and Poppy Spens, who have just spent the last week in Yei, visited James at home with his wife, Nema and 5 month old baby son. Nema was not able to attend Secondary School but managed to get the opportunity to attend a catering course. She prepared the Spens a truly delicious meal.

In Poppy’s words, “What an amazing way God has worked in the lives of James and Charles – one leading the Martha Mobile Clinic team and one soon to manage the Martha Primary Health Care Centre.” John continues, “Poppy is truly as proud of these two young men as she is of her own sons.”

Please continue to pray for Charles and James in their work, that they would be blessed by God and would be a blessing to those with whom they work.

Here’s the link to the original blog about Charles


Bishop Hilary Adeba said Tue, 10 Apr 2018 09:20AM
Indeed it has been a very long time since any information has been posted on this website. The reasons are many, including the fact that Yei has been devastated by the on going crisis that has engulfed the entire country and particularly worse, the region of greater Yei. This has been coupled by lack of reliable power and Internet access. The Diocese lost a lot in terms of its people who were forced from their livelihood into refugee camps in Uganda. The Diocese lost over 150,000 into refuge. This has reduced the capacity of the church in Yei and made all our sources of survive as a church community to vanished. During the peak of the crisis, we witnessed destruction of property, killings of innocent members of our church community and massive displacement of people both in the rural areas of Yei and the urban population as well. This has led to a catastrophic humanitarian situation of our people. I chose to remain in Yei because of the remnants of our people. They needed my presence and encouragement. I hate to be displaced from my space and hate what I saw being done to our people. But I am also greatly traumatized and stressed. I am now like a chief who receives all the complaints, the fears, the concerned and expected to provide the solutions to address those challenges. The children's school fees, the dying, the hungry, the lost and of course those who could not flee to refuge. In all these, I am handicapped. I am sending out this message to any well wish to extend help to to us through our lead partners CMSIreland. As Yei is becoming calm and relatively peaceful, we are compelled to begin looking at redressing the pain, the hurt and the hopelessness of the situation. I am living with the traumatized, the stressed and those seeking to regain their hope, new hope. Bishop Hilary Adeba, ECSS Diocese of Yei.

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