Mary and Heather - role models in Ibba

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Mary John and Heather Angelo are struggling to beat all odds to fit in the fast changing world regardless of life’s ups and downs. Having been brought up in a most challenging environment void of education, they are offering themselves for a gleam that aims at changing their way of thinking towards making informed decisions in life. Mary and Heather are role models to girls tied down by the tradition that puts a woman below.

Mary John is 23 years of age and married. She got married at the age of 14 against her wish but could not stand this tempting time because it was a wish of a family. She grew up in a family that could not afford to give her education. This is because the family could not raise school fees to make sure she is in school. A disciplined Mary asserts that education would be the only window of opportunity despite her age, through which she can be able to get and widen her knowledge. Lack of schools in the area by then informed the parents in taking such kind of decision.

Mary desires to be a doctor in future if given an opportunity to be in school after her primary education. She is willing to confront challenges affecting other girls in the society thereby living as a role model in the society to change girls’ perception in the community she comes from. Mr. John, the husband, is actively monitoring her progress in education because he is part and parcel of his wife’s education.

Mrs. Mary John, who is currently in Primary two in Nakuri Primary school in Madebe, is a peer educator, a Mothers’ Union member. She is very active in Mothers’ Union. She cites this as a calling that aims to change her life completely. Her progress in school is really awesome because she can write well, understands and is capable of speaking as well.

On the other hand, Heather Angelo aged 12years in Primary two, shares almost the same vision with Mrs. Mary. An ever-smiling Heather joined Mothers’ Union in 2006 and is really dedicated to her work and plays a significant role in the Union.

The young Heather, who wants to be a teacher to fight hard for an informed and knowledgeable community, was attracted to the Mothers’ Union through their gown. She works hard in school and promises to live to the promise of fighting illiteracy with the last weapon available. Both having dedicated their lives in serving God through Mothers’ Union, acknowledges what God is doing in their lives. If you and I shared the same vision that both Mary and Heather have, the world we are leaving would be a just, God-fearing and prosperous for the generation after us.

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