Sight-seeing and bee-keeping in Ibba

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Following the successful META visit to Ibba by St John’s Parish, Moira in August, it was no surprise to be asked to bring some gifts out the the Church in Ibba Diocese…but it’s not every day you’re asked to bring a Bee-keeping outfit! I must admit I was not looking forward to answering the standard customs question “Are you carrying anything for someone?” I was certainly hoping that my luggage would not be opened passing through airport security.

Bishop Wilson had requested I bring out some reading glasses for the Clergy, so Diane Graham obliged and along with some urgent medicines she asked if I would bring these out. However, when the items arrived in the CMS Ireland office, they included the bee-keeping suit and accompanying long bee-keeping gloves.

Ibba Diocese has a Bee-keeping Association connected to the church and as we had learned during our visit, they have both unconventional beehives and methods of accessing the honey. A hollow log is used as a beehive and they set fire to the log and often the bees to get to the honey! Thanks to an avid beekeeper in St John’s, a bee-keeping outfit was sent as a gift to help encourage the beekeepers of Ibba.

One last encouraging piece of news. Two members of our August team have certainly left a lasting impression…everyone has been asking about Simon and Diana (Dianne), even in the outlying Parishes. Mama Agnus spent most of yesterday repeating the name of her friend Diana,…Diana…Diana…

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