And as the mist scatters...

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The rhythm of everyday life in Ibba is one that I never grow tired of on this my second visit inside 3 months. There is a real sense of the value and thankfulness of a new day and being alive to serve God.

The staff and visitors on the Ibba Diocesan Guesthouse compound, including Bishop Wilson and his wife Agnes, arise just after daylight every morning between 6.30am and 7am. After a shower, of sorts – a quick splash from a basin of cool water, we walk to the close-by Cathedral for the daily service of Morning Prayer.

We return to the Guesthouse for breakfast and so the day begins… In the evening, between 5.30am and 6.30pm, we have another shower in preparation for dinner under the night sky
around 7pm, as darkness dramatically engulfs the scene. The day normally closes with some fellowship, singing and prayers as we gather around in the now pitch-black compound.

I share this prayer with you so that you can also enjoy its rhythm in your life…and to allow each ill haze clear from your soul…

Thanks be to Thee O God
That I have risen today
To the rising of life itself
My it be to Thine own glory
And to the glory of my Soul likewise

O Great God aid Thou my Soul
With the aiding of Thine own Mercy
And even as I clothe my body with wool
Cover Thou my Soul in the Shadow of Thy Wing

Help me to avoid every sin
And the source of every sin to forsake
And as the mist scatters on the crest of the hill
May each ill haze clear from my Soul O God

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