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Ibba Cathedral wins XFactor

As many of you continue to enjoy the ups and downs and twist and turns of Strictly Come Dancing and XFactor, Ibba Diocese has also been enjoying some special performances.

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Posted on Wed, 07 Nov 2012 | 0 comments

Out of the stillness and darkness

As David continues his stay in Ibba Diocese, the peace is interrupted by distant voices.

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Termites and toilets

As the Christmas season approaches we may dream of a white Christmas…in Ibba, South Sudan, it’s the season of white termites…a local delicacy…read on and find the connection with toilets…

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Sight-seeing and bee-keeping in Ibba

David has moved on to the Diocese of Ibba after saying farewell to the Maridi META team, who have headed home. Read on to discover the unusual gift he’d been asked to deliver to Ibba…

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Mary and Heather - role models in Ibba

As I arrive today in Maridi South Sudan I again devote my blog to Kennedy Wandera, a Kenyan teacher who assisting Bishop Wilson Kamani in Ibba Diocese by teaching in Christ Church Development and Training Centre. Kennedy tells the story of Mary and heater, Mary wants to be a Doctor and Heater wants to be a Teacher…

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Team completed

As CMS Ireland’s joint Diocese of Down & Dromore and Albany Diocese META team prepare to depart on Sunday 21st October for a visit to its partner Maridi Diocese, I received by email today some photos of the completion of the 8-classroom extension at Haddow Primary School.

It’s been quite a challenge for me interviewing, training and preparing the team including Bishop Miller and Bishop Love, on both sides of the Atlantic, but one that will hopefully will bear fruit as we travel to Maridi, South Sudan. The META team will meet together for the first time on Wednesday 17th October in Jackson’s Hotel, Ballybofey, County Donegal, of all places, when the team will be commissioned as part of the Down & Dromore Clergy Conference.

The 10-strong team, during their week long visit, will, among other things, participate in a Youth Conference being held in Maridi, ministry, the Mothers’ Union and assist at the Diocese’s Bethsaida Health Clinic. Please pray for the safety and health of the team as they travel to South Sudan.

I have been posting updates on the progress of the building work at the new extension to Haddow Primary School.Now I’m pleased to report that the work is completed and the two buildings of 4-classrooms each are completed and handed over to the Diocese of Maridi. The school, which is the best performing Primary School in Maridi County, has currently a total of 782 pupils – 428 male and 354 female – and up until now had only 8 classrooms. The Diocese of Maridi supports 11 teachers while the South Sudan Government currently employs 11 teachers at the school.

Posted on Tue, 16 Oct 2012

1200 pupils in one Sudan school

Supporting education is one of the strategic goals of CMS Ireland’s Partners in South Sudan. David shares one of many education success stories…

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Lovely blue roof

David tells us about two emails from two different countries, both talking about the same blue roof.

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Charles and James

It doesn’t seem that long ago since I was writing about a young Congolese refugee, Charles Agele. To briefly remind you…Charles with his memorable beaming smile, was one of two refugees who presented themselves to John Spens at the Yei Vocational Training College office on that day in Autumn 2006. But where are these two men now?

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Posted on Thu, 20 Sep 2012 | 1 comments

Eight new classrooms for Haddow

During a recent visit to Ibba Diocese I had the opportunity to visit Maridi and see for myself the encouraging progress of the construction work at Haddow Primary School.

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