It seems so quiet...

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It seems so quiet.

The Mullavilly team has left – Helen, David, Brian, David and Maimie. They were only here for less than two weeks but it was great to have them. They were able to meet students, staff, church folks, local leaders, projects – It is refreshing to see work done through the eyes of new visitors. Yes, it does take time and effort, but overall it simply was great to share some of our life and work here at Arua with brothers and sisters from Northern Ireland. We found it very enriching ourselves and were assured by the team that they too had a good taste of what work is done within the Dioceses of Madi West Nile. We pray that this mission experience will draw us all closer to God and one another.

It was so good to see that each person from the team found his or her own little niche where they felt they could be of use or could learn from. These folks had a whole wide range of professional backgrounds and we are grateful for the way they used it. The story of the 5 loaves and 2 fishes has always been special to us and came again to life, often we think we have to offer so little, but when it is given, Jesus can bless it abundantly.

We pray that this mission experience will draw us all closer to God and one another.

Anne Fleur turned nine. Lisa did take her time to walk without support but is now exploring the neighborhood. Ruben finds that school is taking too much of a day’s time. Jan Lucas is telling me not to forget to give money to the teacher so that he can join the school trip to the airfield. The kids are all well and healthy besides some viral infections, colds and the like. Whenever I thought that this time they could have malaria, the quick test turned out negative and we have not required doctors or clinics. I am really grateful for that. Of late we have had so many people around us who had to return to their home countries because of sickness of either themselves or their close relatives getting diagnosed with cancer.

Sister Grace, a lady I work with at the PMTCT group, is one of them. She was diagnosed with cancer and went to Kampala for treatment. She planned to come back to Arua to die as she put it, because she was not able to pay for prescribed chemotherapy drugs. Even though she was close to retirement as a senior nurse with the government, there was no health insurance and it was simply too much for her. This is very often the case, yet when it comes this close you feel again the division between those who can afford and those who can’t. A befriended person to Sister Grace from the West offered help and Sister Grace literally got new hope.

We cried and prayed together, we don’t know how the future will be, but it was this experience that made me feel very close to an African sister once more and to God at the same time. Many things we can’t grasp, yet these times of feeling completely dependent on God give a peace that goes beyond any understanding. Thus far she received 4 out of 6 chemotherapy treatments and she sounded strong on the phone when we talked last time. She prays that it will give her at least some relief and time to do some things that are still of real importance to her here on earth.

I pray the same – let me be of use with God’s help.


Chris Pollock SAINTFIELD said Tue, 06 Dec 2011 12:56PM
Hi Aart and Geesje Greetings to you on St Nicholas day!!! (sinterklass and all that. Hope you and the family have a great time and the presents are good. We loved the Skype in Saintfield recently. Couldn't beleive that everything worked so well and everyone in the Hall felt very moved by being able to talk with you. It was like you were next door. It was great seeing the whole family and nwe would love you to send some up to date photos for our Christmas Worship and prayer lists. Saintfield goes on in it's normal Saintfield way. Moving into Christmas time and yet trying to help people prepare their hearts and souls for the authentic message of God's love for us. Part of this would be in sending a Christmas Card to you which hopefully will reach you by Christmas. I also would like to send Christmas Greetings to your home Church in Holland as we are all together supporting you in so many ways. Could I have an Email link to do this? Our family are well. Everyone is busy at work School and getting ready. We had a bit of snow just over the past couple of days, just enough to like it rather than hate it. Hope this finds you well. You are always in our hearts and prayers for the amazing work you do. Enjoy Today and may you continue to be the real blessing you are to us and so many others. Blessings Chris

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