Happy New Year!

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We got the older kids out of bed (they all fell asleep just before midnight, one on the porch, one on the couch inside and one in his bed) and walked to the cathedral grounds next door where hundreds of people were gathered for “Eben Haezer”, an event organized by the church. It was great. People were singing, praising, dancing and enjoying one another’s company. No food, no snacks but people were excited anyway, especially the children.

At midnight, the fireworks lit the sky and somehow, this combination of Praise and Fireworks seemed a very natural way of closing the old and celebrating the New Year. At the very beginning of 2012 we all united in prayer and thanksgiving before the crowd continued with their music till dawn when many folks just stayed on for the early church service on New Years day.

Our children are only going back to the local school at the end of January, they still have vacation and with their uncle, aunt and cousins we are planning to travel west for a week before they go back to the Netherlands. On our way home to Arua we plan to pick up Elize, the new volunteer who will teach main subjects in the afternoons at the Dutch home school for 3 months.

The Vocational Training Centre (VTC) will have interviews for the new course year, always announced at the local radio stations, so that they can start their courses in February. Parents and older siblings are struggling to get all the school fees ready for their children, brothers and sisters. Hard cash is nowadays far more important than in the old days where people got by just growing crops for their own use. Although there was shortage of food then at times too. The Bishop related in his New Year sermon to a famine that was going on about hundred years ago. It was then when missionaries who were actually on their way to the Congo, got malaria, needed recovery time and were then asked stay on and help with food relief in West Nile. From that time on the church started to grow. The church is still very much alive although the Bishop stated that he found more and more mixes of traditional beliefs and Christianity in today’s church here. And there lies the challenge for us today again. What we share or add is only from the freedom we found in Christ.

That’s our New Year wish for everyone, including ourselves; to continue working with God’s plan for this world. It’s exciting to find out what God holds in store for us this year.

Aart, Geesje, Anne Fleur, Ruben, Jan Lucas and Lisa den Breejen

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