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Monday morning, Maandagochtend

Aart is off to the VTC, Anne Fleur is busy with tests in P1, Ruben is gone to the nursery and Jan isbuilding Lego. A good time to be in touch with you.

Aart naar de praktijkschool, Anne Fleur bezig met toetsen in groep 3, Ruben naar de kleuterschool en Jan Lucas druk met de lego. Goed moment om weer eens wat te laten horen.

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Posted on Thu, 16 Jul 2009

A New Term...

The second term for the Vocational Training School (VTC) has started…

De tweede termijn van de beroepsschool is gestart…

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Posted on Sun, 07 Jun 2009

BIY; bring it yourself, Er was eens een duitser die ging naar de tandarts.

Self-sufficiency levels are rising among Arua clients. BIY; bring it yourself.

Our German collegue who works as a technician with the local Christian radio station, went on his bike to the dentist. Getting there he found the dentist willing to serve but no electricity. The patient just returned home and arrived back at the dentist with his own generator. Case solved.

Onze Duitse collega, werkzaam bij de technische dienst van het lokale christelijke radio station, ging op zijn fiets naar de tandarts. Vond de tandarts maar geen electriciteit. De patient was niet voor een gat te vangen. Hij was zo weer thuis maar ook rap terug met zijn eigen generator achterop. t’Zaakje was zo gevuld.

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Posted on Wed, 04 Mar 2009


Weather, We’re Home Again, Work and some other W’s

Weer, Weer thuis, Werk en andere W’s

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Posted on Sun, 25 Jan 2009

Photo Blog...

They say that a picture paints a thousand words. So here we go…a few pictures from our recent life in Arua…

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Posted on Wed, 15 Oct 2008

Running Water and Running Repairs...

It’s raining outside, the tank for rainwater collection is going to be filled nicely. Not a bad idea here as running water from town is lousy for this part of town. Especially at dry season, you’re lucky then when you get some pressure at night time and you hear water trickling in. It’s the third day without running water, and we’re still in the rainy season (till November), so we better clean the tanks now to have the benefits later.

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Posted on Thu, 25 Sep 2008

Yep, there’s electricity...

You never know for how long, so, I’ll better hurry with this blog.

Aart is busy getting his hot shower working. There has been an instant heater installed in this guest house for the Arch Bishop at one time. He doesn’t use the Dutch Electricians Norms, but well, it works. The kids are fast asleep after a warm bath in the tub, water heated on a charcoal fire.

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Posted on Thu, 28 Aug 2008

Departure NL and arrival Arua

It’s about time that you (the none Dutch readers) hear something from us. Welcome to our blog! We had good intentions to work on this thing before departure to Uganda, but times were hectic before the 24th of July! We spent our last week before departure at Aart’s mum’s place, while our house was emptied.(scroll down main article for Eng. vers.)

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Posted on Fri, 08 Aug 2008

Breaking Breejens Blog/ Begin Breejen Blog

Welcome to the first Bi-lingual Blog of CMS Ireland.

Welkom bij de eerste 2talige blog van CMS Ierland

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Posted on Sun, 13 Jul 2008