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We are approaching day four on our Uganda experience. The day got off to an unsteady start due to a few team members feeling a bit ill (Matthew Girvan and Katie Smyth) but both are feeling much better.

Morning prayers were great this morning, Dave’s talk on The Lost Sheep was rivetting and the worship was exhilarating. Hearing well known worship songs sung in Ugandan style is immense.

After completing final preparation with the ugandan team, we were off to begin work at our first school. The kids were slightly scared of us as they are not used to seeing white people. Main deck went well with songs and dramas and lots of entertainment.

After main deck we all split into our separate age groups. All of us had loads of fun playing with the kids, interacting with them and doing crafts with them. By the end they were all saying their goodbyes, giving high fives, hugs and handshakes. it was hard leaving them but it has been a productive day.

We are all now chilling at the camp hoping to get a good nights sleep for another productive day at our next school tomorrow. Thank you for your love, comments and prayers on previous blogs, please continue, as we read them out each morning, and it really picks everyone up.

God Bless

Matty and Laura T (The Bloggers)

ps Health update… katie, matty and jo over the first few days all weren’t feeling so good, however as i sit here and post this blog, everyone is feeling better and is up and about today! As for laura fosters bag, a driver is going to get it this morning from kampala… hopefully the adding of photos will help you see what we are up to each day… i have put them through as a low quality image cos the internet is v slow!!


Libby said Thu, 13 Aug 2009 08:43AM
Sounds as though you are having a wonderful time and bringing love and joy to others. I look forward to reading the blogs and seeing the photos. Take care, love to one and all
Amanda said Thu, 13 Aug 2009 10:50AM
Hello!! glad to hear everythings going well!! im missing you all dearly, im not going to lie bangors been pretty dull!! glad kt, jo and matty are better and glad lizzle fizzle got her bag :) hope the rest of the trip's great!!! loves and prayers amanda xoxox
Freda Smyth said Thu, 13 Aug 2009 10:50AM
Hi Katie glad to hear you are feeling a lot better. You all look very nice in your "Kermit the frog" tee shirts! Thanks Laura and Matty for keeping the blog going its great to hear what is going on! Lots of love
kathy & ray Foster said Thu, 13 Aug 2009 05:44PM
Glad to hear everything is going well. Good news about some of the guys feeling better and the missing case being found. We are praying for you all every day and trust you all receive God's blessing as you continue to do His work. Wish we where there helping. Love to all. kathy and ray
Ian said Thu, 13 Aug 2009 07:20PM
Hi all. I really would love to see everyone at morning prayer. It seems so ironic -- let's face it Dave doesn't do mornings !! Come to think of it, no one does mornings !!! lol. Glad to hear that you formed such good bonds with the kids in such a short space of time. Everyone missing you hear ( never thought I'd say that Adz did you !!!). Tall ships in Belfast don't fill the gap !! Keep up the good work ! Loves to the team ian & eleanor.
Noni and Hannah and Sam said Thu, 13 Aug 2009 07:28PM
Jambo! muli mutya! Hiyaaaaaa! Hope uganda is fabulous and the suntans are coming along well! Good to hear laura found her bag... ! We are all heading to Les Deux tonight.. one week today for the results !! omukisa omulungi /kismat !! miss you all cant wait for you to come back P.S also we didnt know what language they spoke so we guessed :D WILLIAMMMM DROP THE BEAT NOW
Julie said Thu, 13 Aug 2009 07:54PM
Hey everyone,so brilliant hearing all your news,glad you got your bag Laura!! Continue to have an amazing experience,enjoy every second and remind my hubby to take his malaria tablets!! Hope there's no more sickness...love to you all,Jules xxx
Helen & Harry Girvan said Thu, 13 Aug 2009 08:51PM
Hi guys, glad all is well going well out there so far but obviously a bit annoyed when we heard that Matthew, Katie & Jo had been poorly .Hope you are all fully restored to good health again and can continue the good work out there!!! Have fun in the coming days and take care of each other. Love to you all. Harry & Helen Girvan P.S FOR DAVE --- TAKE GOOD CARE OF OUR BIG SON NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tract t said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:40AM
Hi everyone - so glad you are all safe, and having a good time. Jo & Girv - hope your tummys better now! Nats - are you wearing your sun screen??? Laura T - the dogs are missing you - as are we! Lots of love to you all tracy t x
Carl said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 11:26AM
Glad to hear that all are well and settling into life Uganda. Keep up the good work. You are all in my thoughts - especially Suzanne (and Andrew).
matthew hamilton said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 12:22PM
hey emma hows uganda going? are you having fun? Peahead was asking about you! :) Moffat was AMAZING!!! We met new people in edinburgh and made some new friends :). The best day was probably M&D`s most of us went on the big arm which was apparantly the fastest ride in the world and travells up to 83mph :S it was ssoo fun. And everyone from Moffat was praying for you and the team!! :) my chest is better now, the x rays showed that nothing was broken,pheww. Mum and Laura are in sunny france and having a great time. swimming 4 or 5 times a day:P Dad coped ok on his own until I came home (billy no mates!) we had a....bokahara mmmmm 1st nite I was home - I didn't trust his cooking! Sounds you are all doing a great job and really helping everybody there. Say hi to Kat & Jess and tell Dave to get up early in the morning! Hi kido, finally allowed to say a few words. Sounds as if you are having a great time and everyone is doing really good work. Keep it up. Battery about to die so must go. Everyone take care.
kathy cavan said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 04:34PM
hi everyone dave's mum here, praying for you all and hoping that God plants in you all a very special heart for africa. you will all be blessed so much as you serve our amazing God in this way. as i think about you all this afternoon isaiah 61 1 - 6. comes to mind. these are the things we can do when the spirit of the sovereign Lord is on us. i pray God will continue to use all of you mightly. love Kathy
Claire said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 05:44PM
You guys are crazy. Nini hope you are doing well and we are all thinking about you back home - which im sure feels very very far away right now!!!love and kisses Claire xxx
Ruth Abernethy said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 05:58PM
Hey everyone! Sorry I only just found out about this blog, had a good wee catching up sesh there and it was so good to hear all the stories. Sounds like you're all having a ball, I'm soooo jealous!! Keep up the good work and Love and prayers, Ruth. xo
Becca Marsh said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 06:15PM
Sounds like your all having an absolute blast out there. Can't wait to see all the pictures, hope all is well and i can't wait for you's all the get home! Love you all, take care!
ryno baste said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 07:10PM
sounds like you continue to have a good time out there make sure that you continue to take pictures as these are the things that you can look back on and be proud. Dont have very much to say some home news ..... chris graham is away to London having a good time. my sister clare is now going out with jack campton massive lol bbz. wee pin Robbie is away to France. Sir Andrew hamilton is back for moffat an said it was amazin. think that's all. remember to join are facebook page for jo and her cat so far we have no prayers so far we keep hoping. ttyl
Mervyn & Heather Boyd said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 07:39PM
Hi everyone, enjoyed reading the blog and glad to hear you are all keeping better. Kathryn hope your reflux settles down and you can get back to eating that lovely food you told us about!!! We spent today at the Tall Ships in the pouring rain, typical ni weather!! Keep up the good work, our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Rosaleeto said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 08:49PM
Heyy guys, didnt know we could do this! pretty cool, hope uganda is fab, im there in spirit :) Miss you all so much, Really nice wheather here, jsut kidding its pouring haha, bangor is no fun without you all, and i wish you were all here. p.s Big heyy to lorz, natz, and jo, and girv and everyone :) haha. See you all soon love xxxx
B-ri said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 10:34PM
Glad to hear everything seems to be going well but we need proof that you are all working hard and not just sunning yourselves. Make sure to provide photographic evidence or there could be trouble with the sponsors (especially Nini's). B-ri
gill said Fri, 14 Aug 2009 11:16PM
hi guys. glad yous are having a great time. you have no idea how jealous i am. hope jo katy n girv are better. missing yous all soo much!especially ap!!! have funn!! im off to leeds to pass the time lol.xxxx
Gail Bob & Ryan said Sat, 15 Aug 2009 08:43AM
Hi everyone glad you arrived safely and you are all feeling a bit better. Hope Jade and Tori are behaving and applying their suncream!!!!!! Many thanks for keeping the blog updated its been great. All our love from Spain xoxoxo
ann&harry browne said Sat, 15 Aug 2009 09:07AM
glad to hear all is going well the hall is very quiet this week were sure you will all have such a wonderful and a very personal experience in uganda take care love and prayers to all ann and harry xo
Charlie said Sat, 15 Aug 2009 11:29AM
Watching the site everyday for news and updates. Keep up the good work one and all. Love to Suzy and Andrew from all of us in Miami
AJ said Sat, 15 Aug 2009 11:37AM
Hey guys, hope your having a fantastic time! Im just back from a few days camping and there was constant rain. Of course now im home the weather is improving!! Im kind of feeling like watching Dane Cook to be honest----- 'Three weeks ago, one of my dreams came true. I finally got to see something I've always wanted to witness live. I finally saw someone get hit by a car. Nailed. They guy got hit right in the hip, that's your center of gravity that can send you flipping through the air like Eddy Gordo from Tekken when you don't know how to do combos and they're just hitting the buttons randomly.' Anyhu enough crap from me, enjoy your time away. I am jealous of you all. cya
Becky Robinson said Sat, 15 Aug 2009 03:14PM
Hello Katie, Emma, my giraffe and chums!! Glad to hear you are all ok - hope you are having a really good time- I shall be looking forward to seeing you when you all return... with a suntan (hopefully)!! Love xxxx
tracy t said Sat, 15 Aug 2009 05:42PM
Hi all - your first week is almost over - can't wait to see the next blog to find out what you have been up to x x Laura t - did the children enjoy the finger puppets? And I hope all the things book club sent have come in handy! Laura t Jo & Nats - Scampi is missing your shoes to chew on - especially Nats high heels! The house is very quiet without you all around!!! Lots of love tracy t x x x
Tracy C said Sat, 15 Aug 2009 06:30PM
Hi Uganda. Hope you are all having a great time.... Dave thanks for the up-date on Jo, it was much appreciated but could you tell her the next time she goes away I insist she takes fleckles to take care of her :-)...... This house is so unbelievably quiet without all the Ballyholme folk being here, especially Laura and Nat and Rosie, who is away doing her own thing and probably missing you all dreadfully. It seems as if you have been away forEVER already. I never thought I would say it, but the whole crowd can party here ANYTIME!. Take care. Look forward to next up-date. Lots of love, Tracy C. PS Jo, Bacardi has not slept in the house since you left which is great because i have been getting decent nights sleep every night :-)xox
Neill, Linda, Laura and Matthew hamilton said Sun, 16 Aug 2009 10:35AM
Hey kido, seems like you are all continuing to have a good time and are being a great help to all in Uganda. Keep it up and maybe you will continue on when you get home!! Matthew and I off today in caravan to sunny Portballintrae (we hope!), will pick Mum and Laura up from the airport tomorrow and take them up then. Went up to the Tall boats on Friday night with David and Clare, wet but lot of people there. Some very impressive ships. Am trying to get M out of bed so he can help pack the c/van - proving very difficult! Sorry I missed you last night, will try again later. Keep enjoying yourself. Dad. ps. Poppy sends his love and is very proud of you.