Learning not to underestimate God...

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My name is Kirsten and I’m one of the Ekisa team heading to Kiwoko this summer, and I write this blog entry on my sofa with my feet up after a very busy day!

I’m one of four girls heading from Knockbreda Parish on this CMS team and we’ve had a busy week when it comes to fundraising! On Tuesday we were shifting 320 bags in total of old clothing into a van to be taken away by a local company, raising a total of £950. Today we had our “fun day fundraiser” where we made over £700 and counting!

I have been completely overwhelmed by the success we have had with fundraising. I didn’t expect many people to come to a fundraising lunch we’ve had, I thought we would get 100 bags of old clothes at most, and this morning I was convincing myself that no-one would come to our fun day. Yet for each of our fundraisers I have been overwhelmed, and I think we have all now reached our targets for going away through these fundraisers and generous donations from various individuals.

I have really felt God telling me that I shouldn’t underestimate Him, as He has completely provided for our needs for this trip, which is probably a useful thought for the whole trip!

The whole preparation for Kiwoko has been great so far. I’m one vaccination away from no more needles in my arms (yay!!), I’ve listened to a guy in a shop rant at me when he saw me buying high concentration insect repellent, thinking I was just some girly girl trying to avoid midgies around Belfast, until I explained I was going to Uganda (boy was his face red!) and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the other members of the Ekisa team, planning our programme and having lots of fundraisers (although I’m glad that they’re almost all done!).

Now I just want to get out there! My thanks go to everyone for their support in prayer and financially as we prepare as an Ekisa team, and I hope I’ll avoid underestimating what God is going to do while we’re in Uganda, as I’ve seen that he’s blown my expectations out of the water already. I’m sure whatever it is will be BIG!

Thanks for reading :) keep praying and fellow Ekisa members, I’ll tell you more about my epic battle with insect repellent man next time I see you!


With God’s power working in us, God can do much more than anything we can ask or imagine. Ephesians 3:20

PS. On behalf of all the Ekisa team, congratulations go to Gemma and her husband Verner Ruddy on their wedding on Wednesday. Can’t wait to see your photos!

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