Delays, detours and 300 children.

Kiwoko_gates_into_hosp Posted by Niall Manogue on Fri, 20 Aug 2010 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

So after a hectic few days we have finally completed the first day of the Ekisa kids’ club!
Apologies for the delay in updating the blog, but we had a less than smooth journey over. Unfortunately, due to the weather in London, our flight was delayed by one and a half hours, which would have been fine, had we not had only one hour to make our connecting flight in Cairo!
We arrived to Cairo to find, unsurprisingly, that our flight had left without us, leaving us stranded in Egypt at half eleven at night. Our reactions ranged from being appalled, to excitement! The journey had been going a little too much to plan after all!
After one night in Cairo Radisson (yes, the Radisson!) Where we got a free dinner, breakfast and lunch, and had a swim in the rooftop pool, we were flown to Istanbul. At 00:30 on Monday morning we left Turkey, with yet another airline, to fly to Entebbe in Uganda – finally!
Thankfully this was all arranged and paid for by the airline, with no hassle, so praise God for how easy they made it all.
Monday was spent between sleep and settling into Kiwoko training centre – where the staff care for our every need! They’re brilliant!
Tuesday was our first full day in Kiwoko. Each day starts with morning prayers with the rest of the hospital staff. It feels like a real privilege to be welcomed into the hospital and to attend morning prayers and worship with them. It’s a truly encouraging and fulfilling way to start the day. The planning of the club took up most of the rest of the day, and the day ended with another early bedtime – still catching up on sleep from our many plane journeys!
Our first day with the kids was really encouraging, the children arrive at half past one, and are there until just after 5pm, so it’s a long time to spend with over 300 kids in the Ugandan sunshine! There were lots of smiles and plenty of laughter – our thanks goes to God for that. Our team and the Ugandan team worked really well together and we are becoming good friends with the Ugandans on the team.
We would like to ask for prayer for energy, health, and a continuing sense of unity within the team.
Sorry for the length of this blog, hopefully now that we are here we’ll manage to update it more frequently!