2010 so far…

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If you are reading this, thanks for not giving up on our blog. Thanks too to those of you who have posted comments. We enjoyed reading them and appreciated them.

We share with you a few snippets and updates of life in Kiwoko since the start of the year:


The yearly Bible conference took place from the 19th January to 23rd January. If you would like to see photos of the conference you can visit Steven Sizers webpage.

January much to Ken’s relief saw the recruitment of Joseph, the new Finance Officer (see photo on the right). Joseph has been a great addition to the team bringing much life and enthusiasm . Increasingly Ken has been able to delegate responsibilities to Joseph freeing himself up to focus on other areas of work.

Pray for Joseph as he continues to settle in and as he balances further accountancy studies with work.

For the past four years January has become a much awaited month for the children attending the HIV clinic –formely ‘Hayashi’ now renamed ‘Afaayo’, meaning ‘He cares’ in Luganda. This years trip was to a Fun Fair in Kampala. A totally new experience for the children as well as many of the adult leaders and helpers and much enjoyed by all (- you can see photos from the day on the right). It continues to be a time of ‘choked up’ moments as you see the childrens’ reactions to the things we so often take for granted. The sight of a rather large policeman caused comment and amusement too. They are not used to seeing ‘fat’ people in their own villages!

When it came to snacks, William who heads up this work suggested we do something ‘different’ for the children that they would remember and talk about for a long time to come …I wondered what this would be…’let’s buy them ice-creams’ he said. As the children were finishing up eating a bag was passed around so they could put their ‘rubbish’ in. Most of them chose to hold onto their little tubs and wooden spoons so they could show their families when they got home…


In February we enjoyed a month back in the UK to visit family. Since it was short lived we quite enjoyed the novelty of the cold weather and the ‘nice’ things that go with it: pretty snow, open fires…We are thankful for some great times with friends and family and various family reunions.

Back in Kiwoko…plenty of sunshine and hot weather, some rain but not as much as people would want for their crops.

This year would see us coming to the end of our contract in Kiwoko. We are uncertain at this stage of our future plans but lots of thinking and praying going on.


Mission Team: the next team to join us in Kiwoko is from St Mary’s Chruch, London. From 2nd –9th April. For over 10 years a team has been visiting the hospital and worked alongside the hospital Mission Team. They usually have a packed week’s programme involving outreach both within and outside the hospital. This year’s team is small – five members and many of them with backgrounds in children’s ministries as well as preaching, teaching and prayer ministry. They will be involved in schools outreach, training of Sunday school leaders and children’s workers as well as Bible teaching and evangelism.

Please pray for both the hospital and visiting mission teams. For preparations and the programme and that people would be challenged and built up in their faith.

Grand Opening: You have heard much about the new maternity and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit…May 19th all being well will see the official opening. We are preparing for many visitors around that date and on the day including a large entourage from the donors in the ISIS foundation who have funded this work.

Please pray for all the preparations for the day and the ongoing care that is provided to mothers and babies through this unit.

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