Back Again

Mpkenandjudith Posted by Ken & Judith Finch on Sat, 16 Apr 2011 | 0 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

We arrived back to the UK on 1st April and relieved to find that the worst of the cold weather was over. In fact it has been sunny everyday since we arrived (at least on the North Norfolk Coast!!).

Packing up our home in Kiwoko, handing over responsibilities, tying up loose ends and saying good byes brings its own added business. We were very grateful for the opportunity to have a week enjoying the turquoise sea of Zanzibar –off the coast of Tanzania – prior to then flying on to the UK. This was a very welcome break and being away from the demands of computers and even mobile phones for a full week was wonderfully liberating.

We are back from Uganda for a period of six months leave. Home leave is a time to visit our ‘link’ churches and supporters updating them on our time and the work of Kiwoko Hospital as well as time to see family and friends.

We shall be based in Northern Ireland from mid April through to the end of June and then England for the bulk of the summer (if Judith gets her way!!).

Our first challenge is for Judith to run a leg of the Belfast marathon on 2nd May (for which she has done no training having forgotten she had signed up to be part of a relay team raising funds for CMSIClick here to donate to the team (and select AAA-Fundraising)but don’t worry team if any of you are reading this I am making up for it now!!!)

We are scheduled to return to Uganda on 30th September. We anticipate returning to Kiwoko Hospital for at least another year but beyond this our future roles there remain unclear. This is a topic for discussion during our leave.

We look forward so much to seeing many of you and catching up during this time.

More about the Belfast Marathon in the next blog…

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