Wedding bells

Mpkenandjudith Posted by Ken & Judith Finch on Mon, 31 Oct 2011 | 0 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Before going on leave Asiimwe, the Kiwoko Hospial Personnel Manager, had shared with us that he was to get married. We had met Keren on quite a few occasions – in fact often she stayed in our house in Kiwoko when she came to visit Asiimwe. It was out of the blue however when Asiimwe asked Ken if he would be his best man on the big day. We were truly delighted. As we would not be around for the intervening period a lot of measurements and discussions took place back in February / March. On coming back to Kiwoko we only had 2 weeks before the big day.

There was some worry when the suit jacket and the trousers were short on both arms and legs. Thankfully Tania came to the rescue for both Ken & Asiimwe. With fittings sorted, shoes and waiscoats bought everything seemed to be going perfect. Groom and Bestman were at the church in plenty of time but then the minutes passed by.

In fact, we were still waiting at the church when the wedding party arrived about half past twelve. The wedding was to be at 12.00 noon. That would have been ok except this was the wedding party for the next weding after ours!

The bride finally arrived another 15 mins later and then it was all systems go. The church service went quickly as the church tried to make up time and the final festivities drew to a close about 10.30pm after many photos, food, dancing , present giving and eating.

The happy couple are still on their honeymoon and we look forward to officially receiving the back to Kiwoko.

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