Our Kiwoko Christmas

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If you were to come to Kiwoko today,with just over two weeks to go to Christmas you would see little outward signs of it being Christmas apart from the occasional Christmas carol from somebodies radio. If there is already a decorated Christmas tree on a ward it is only because last years tree was never removed!!

Nevertheless, the excitement is very much there and behind the scenes people are busy preparing for the first Christmas event which will be the Hospital Christmas party on Dec 16th. This takes place in the gardens outside our house. This is a time when all hospital staff and students come together. Different wards and departments present skits,songs and dances. There is much laughter and fun followed by a meal of roasted bull, a chappati, soda and cake.

By this stage many of the wards would have gone to town to decorate their wards with streamers and balloons and tree branches decorated with cotton wool and sweets.

Christmas Eve is a very special time when several staff come together and do carol singing by candlelight on each of the wards. Gifts are distributed to all patients -usually some sugar, soap, biscuits and sweets and a toy for the children.

On Christmas day we shall be at St John’s where we normally worship followed by a ‘bring and share’ lunch in the garden. This is usually a ‘fusion’ of flavours as we come together with ugandan and western dishes including a bit of a BBQ and of course plenty of games.

This Christmas we are very much looking forward to our friends Carl and Vicky joining us from St Albans, England as well as Dr Raul, Christiane, Lars and Joshua from Germany. They worked in Kiwoko for four years and returned to Germany over a year ago.

And before we know it we will be into 2012…

Wishing you every blessing,


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