Back in is Election time

35580008 Posted by Mark Gill on Tue, 08 Apr 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Back in Nepal, people are gearing up for elections on April 10th, the first ones to be held since 1999. Hopefully they will go off peacefully, but as elections in South Asia go, there is intimidation, exploitation, buying of votes, riots and the inevitable casualties.

Last week in Dadeldhura, where we re-opened our hospital, there was a major altercation between two groups in the town. As a result of increasing intimidation and cat-calling, a riot ensued and the Hospital received 33 casualties to treat and care for.

There is no ‘NHS’ in Nepal, and the government won’t pay for the treatment. So the Hospital has to bear the burden – patient fees go up, and in the long run, the general public subsidise the riot inflicted casualties through normal patient fees which have to cover all hospital expenses. Mark is currently working on a 5 year plan for the hospital which will include a major re-build of the facility, quite a challenge, but then it is a challenge dealing with day to day trauma in the Hospital when resources are lacking and funds are scarce.

We hope that the Elections will result in a period when peace will prevail and Nepal can get on with it’s development.