Monsoon...and all that it brings...

35580008 Posted by Mark Gill on Wed, 30 Sep 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

The Monsoon is coming to an end – despite it being a relatively ‘dry’ downpour in July, the rain has fallen and shortly it will be time for Harvest. It is absolutley a gorgeous experience to go walking along the perimeters of the rice fields with the swaying mass of grain surrounding you and more, the smell of the grain is tremendous. Over powering, in its odour, it is a wonder no-one has bottled it yet!

Friends from Belfast are currently in Nepal at the National Churches Fellowship of Nepal conferences for women and youth. At this festival time when Hindus celebrate their festival of Dasai, and families travel to get together, the new Christian communities also get together for fellowship and sharing.
We heard today of a church in east Nepal where another such a gathering was taking place with around 1800 people – unfortunatlely one of the buildings collapsed with 23 fatalities and many others injured. Pray for the church there, the families of the bereaved and everyone trying to support each other in a place where support services are not as we know in the west.

We have observed over the years in Nepal that it is at the start and at the end of the monsoon when most landslides occur, people loose their livelihoods in land, houses, roads and it is not easy to recover. Yet there is a resilience and fortitude to persevere…

With many memories flooding back of times spent in Nepal, being in the rice fields, in a beautiful location with such an intense aroma reminds me that we can be in a more beautiful location, in the presence of God, in a safe place, knowing his peace. We hope and pray for our friends and believers in Nepal today that they will know His presence.