Burundi is hot, hot, hot!

35580008 Posted by Mark Gill on Wed, 04 Nov 2009 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

I arrived here last Saturday to join the Development Associates International MA residential here in Bujumbura. I ended up with 21 students in the Development and Social Change module that I am teaching. The students are great and engage with the programme well, however the heat is overwhelming after a long day in the classroom. Need to do plenty of energizers to keep them and me awake, and drink extra water!

I was taken out to dinner last night with the Light University Board including the local Bishop. They have been going for 9 years now and have a great vision for developing a Christian University here. There are 6 faculties in 3 campus for over 2000 students – or thereabouts, the Rector was unsure of the figures as things are so fluid here. But it is great to see the blessing.

Burundian soldiers are serving in the Peace Mission to Somalia, so there is tension there with some Somali threatening retaliation on Burundi, so there is a higher state of alert at the moment. Pray for the situation in Somalia.

Went to the Cathedral on Sunday morning last for the service which was in Kirundi. There were about 7 choirs singing consecutively, and it was rather good to be there. The cathedral is not yet completed, windows, doors, floors, furniture and fitting s have to be scheduled in, but nevertheless, it building is being used for regular worship, and it was a blessing to be there. A member of the University Choir came over and sat beside me to translate, I thank God for Charlotte who helped me understand Kirundi.

Well I get back to UK on Monday next, Ali is on a Doula course in Newcastle starting today for 3 days, so she was looking forward to doing that.

In Peace, from Burundi.