it's good to be back!

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Last Sunday night at Church of the Good Shepherd was a very uplifting service for us and thank you to all of you who were able to make it and thanks to all of you who were praying. This Sunday Ali and I are back in Kathmandu having arrived last night on Qatar Airways. A few friends came to George Best Belfast City Airport to see us off and it was a fond farewell. Special thanks to Arlene, Alan, Robert, Tricia, David, Jane, Cecil, Brian and Peggy for seeing us off.

Well, we were second last on the plane after a rather prolonged security search. That’s part and parcel of travelling now: jackets off, shoes off, belt off, empty the pockets, laptop out of its bag – who needs a body scanner? lol.

We thought we had plenty of time between planes – then we discovered that the Airline started to call passengers earlier than we had experienced in the past. Fair enough, as there always seemed to be a last minute hitch with seat assignment or something. Sure enough, at Doha, we were offered one of us to receive an upgrade to business class as they were overbooked. We have had upgrades before but usually for both of us, so on this occasion we stayed were we were – together – yes and someone else enjoyed the pleasures of sitting up front!

Kathmandu was bright, but quickly coming to dusk as we landed. We got our visa, bring your photo, $40 and the system works very well. Our bags arrived on the conveyor and off we went to meet the taxi drivers vying for trade to go to their hotel which of course was better than any of the other 3 dozen or so on offer.

On exiting the airport, Ali spotted a friend whom she had helped through her pregnancy and delivery, now, holding her 3 1/2 year old son, we were amazed and delighted to see them and catch up. Interestingly, Ram, the husband, is into archeological architecture and restoration – an unusual occupation in Nepal but one with growing interest.

Our HDCS office vehicle came to meet us and off we went to our flat and met our landlady. She was well and it was good to meet her again- our friend Subarna turned up with the flat key and so we chatted for several hours then crashed into bed.
This morning it was good to return to the expat church and meet with old friends and receive greetings.

It’s good to be back!

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