Juggling electrons!

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We knew we were coming back to Kathmandu and the welcome of 11 hours a day without electricity, so it wasn’t such a surprise not to have it, but it was a surprise to know that most of the 11 hours seemed to be during the day…still it is on a rota cycle of 5 hours off, 2 hours on, 6 hours off, 11 hours on. The water situation is just as difficult. It is rather amazing really that this city of 2 million+ people can still survive with the few utilities it has, and people still want to move here! They’d be much better off in the village where there is either 2 hours of cuts or no electicity at all – so you don’t miss it anyway!

The traffic trundles along is its usual chaotic mess and it is a miracle anyone gets anywhere. However yesterday, Mark did get on a bus with 20 other colleagues from HDCS, our Global Partner, and some others from other Christian Hospitals like The Leprosy Mission, Nepal Leprosy Trust and INF Green Pastures. We were all going out to have a 2 day conference under the auspices of the Nepal Christian Hospitals Association. It was very nice to be with old friends and to hear the great work being done in all the different Mission Hospitals across Nepal.

This morning Mark sat with some colleagues discussing the plans for the new Hospital he will be working at – and yes, there is a lot to do! Anybody out there want a job? There will be plenty of opportunity for short term visits (up to 5 months) over the next 2 years – so get your planner out!

Ali has been getting around the shops again and getting the house in order. We came back to the flat we left in 2008. An Australian Mission Family had been house sitting in our absence, so it is great to have it as a base. But we will be packing it up and shipping our stuff out to Dadeldhura in the next 3 weeks or so. We’ll find out tomorrow when we go into HDCS for our official meeting to finalise our assignment – if it ever is ‘final’!

Well, the electricity is still on, so we can juggle electrons for another hour or two…

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