And so the time has come to say goodbye

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By the time you read this, I will hopefully be safely home in NI, as I write this on my last afternoon in Kiwoko. In my last few weeks, I have presented prizes at a primary school speech day, attended prison ministry, manned a stall at a fundraising jumble sale, been white water river rafting, and of course found some time to work in the pharmacy!

As I contemplate leaving this place which now feels like home, I am slightly nervous as I think about readjusting to life in NI. Here’s why…

I greet everyone I meet and frequently say well done, no matter what they are doing, even if it does not merit any praise.
I now think a raise of the eyebrows and tilt of the head is a suitable expression of agreement.
I think that motorcycles are an effective mode of public transport and should be introduced in Belfast.
I feel like I’m famous and expect everyone to look as I walk by.
I am cold when there are even a few clouds in the sky or a light breeze.
I no longer think the number of seats in a vehicle directly relates to the number of people that vehicle can transport.
I talk so quietly I am barely audible.
I no longer go out in the rain, instead I stay where I am and patiently wait for it to stop.
I enjoy Filipino soaps dubbed in English and re-dubbed in Lugandan.
I think all meals should have more than one carbohydrate, why just rice? Why not rice and potatoes?
I no longer turn up on time for any occasion (I pity my next employer!)

I have learnt so much here in Uganda, my faith has been both tested and strengthened, my view of pharmacy has been broadened and I have found that all people have things in common as I think about my Ugandan friends that I would never have met if I hadn’t come here. I am not going to say that it hasn’t been hard, it’s not always easy working in a foreign country away from friends, family and fiance but ultimately it has been so worth it! I have been blessed beyond measure and it is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye. Thank to you all my friends in Uganda for making my time so special and thank you to anyone who has been reading my blogs and praying for me! It has been much appreciated!

Love Helen

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