The Experience Continues... Again!!

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You all seemed to enjoy the last blog, so keep the comments flooding in. We will get cracking with day 10.

Another early start as we packed up and travelled, ´for 10 million light years´ to Oltiasika. But it didn´t feel that long as we had beautiful scenery and we also seen Zebras, Gazelles and Giraffes. Sadly due to the drought we also seen a lot of dead animals by the road. :( We stopped off for picturesque lunch on what looked like Pride Rock from the Lion King and we also had Custard Creams. Our second pit stop was to Obili Primary School where the Headteacher kindly gave us a tour. While at the school the Rev. Naftali proudly showed us his church under the tree. Its the 4th one he has opened in 4 years. Thats good going. We finally arrived at Oltiasika where we where welcomed with a cup of tea! We were given a tour and then it was our dinner time. To finish off the evening we sat out and stargazed.

Day 11 – Had a little lie in and went to Oltiasikia primary school where we carried out the same format as in the previous school. The kids were eager to participate and Jonny proved his teaching potential by being the main entertainer. Next up was the Massai market, where Robert was the top barterer, hope customs will let us through!! That night we had a proper Massai bonfire with goat in the menu. The Massai danced and sang and big Daniel Taama (Michael’s idol) finished off the night with an incredible sermon.

Day 12 – Safari – Unbelievable!! Our favourites were elephants, hippos and hyenas, but the lunch we were treated to was fit for a King (it is where the president eats when he is in Amboselli) all you can eat buffet!! I´ll say no more!! So we headed home and guess what was waiting…even more food!!

Day 13 – Went to Nairobi and paid a visit to the giraffe sanctuary where we fed them and quite a few team members went in for the kiss, clearly they are desperate for a companion. We stopped for a huge lunch and ended the day at the shopping mall.

Don´t want this experience to end, only 4 days left in Kajiado!!

Talk soon!

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Spike said Mon, 20 Jul 2009 12:34PM
Great to hear from you all again - hope your last few days in Kajiado continue to be a blessing!
Claire (rory's girlfriend) said Mon, 20 Jul 2009 03:19PM
I really hope that rory wasn't kissing any of those giraffes. He told me he had a goatee, please please please make him shave. He's already been threatened that if he comes home and has beard tan lines he's being fake tanned by my big sister. Glad to hear you're having lots of fun. we're having some great weather here, its warm, and the suns out a bit, and its only raining a couple of times everyday. send rory my love and hugs, and tell daniel he better be enjoying his rory time Take lots of pics
Leigh Henderson said Mon, 20 Jul 2009 04:25PM
Message for Rory - Get rid of Goatee.
Clive Henderson said Mon, 20 Jul 2009 04:29PM
Razor arriving by Fedex.
liz and alan abernethy said Mon, 20 Jul 2009 04:38PM
Great to hear your news - such a special place. you remain in our thoughts and prayers. Alan and Liz
Regan Henderson (rory's little sister) said Mon, 20 Jul 2009 06:08PM
Please tell rory to shave...good to hear ur all safe...Im just back from a mission myself and we were all praying for you, i hope u are all well...and Rory don't forget you owe me a monkey. Lots of love Regan xxx
Jill Crothers said Mon, 20 Jul 2009 06:12PM
It sounds like you are all having way to much fun out there, I thought there was meant to be hardship and sacrifice envolved? I'm just jealous really. Food,food and more food, hope you arn't getting too used to this Michael. We can't believe that you're into your last week already make sure you really enjoy these last few days. We are looking forward to seeing you again and hearing even more detail about your adventures. Take care and God Bless love from Mum Dad Matthew and Prince.
David & Mavis said Mon, 20 Jul 2009 07:36PM
Hi Julie Glad to hear your news - give our love to Ronnie & Maggie. I hope Julie kissed the giraffe! Lots of Love & God Bless. David & Mavis
Michael Ogilby said Mon, 20 Jul 2009 09:32PM
Hi guys, glad you're having a good time. Rory - anti malarials can cause hair loss. (Personal experience!) Hopefully will concentrate on your chin! If the giraffes fancy you... Praying for you all often. Enjoy your last few days God bless Michael
Mark Gill said Mon, 20 Jul 2009 09:57PM
hey Jules, any elephants wanting a wash there? if u need a hand, can offer experience there... hope your remaining days are good and memory making
Elizabeth Hanna said Tue, 21 Jul 2009 01:08PM
I am delighted that you got to see Oltiasika - a place very dear to my heart. Did you travel out to Lemasusu as well? Thinking of you in the last few days...hard to believe the time has been going so quickly. God bless.
Stephen Derby said Tue, 21 Jul 2009 04:57PM
Hey victoria and team!Its hard to believe that your time in kajiado is comeing to a end,and im sure you are all starting to pack up tonight,It sounds like you all have had a great trip and you are all being blessed for the great work you are doing for the lord,I so cant wait to you get home victoria, missing you loads, You and the team are in my prayers as you travel to mombasa on thursday,Take care Love you Stephen xox Ps Have you shaved yet rory?? LOL
Well we have been given 'the guilt-trip' that we haven't commented on the blog, so here it goes...I hope this works as I'm a bit of a technaphobe and Warnock is just in after a long and tiresome day at work and has left me to my own devices?! We are very glad to hear you are all well and taking good care of each other. Warnock is very excited about this raspberry fanta you have discovered, i'm sure it is sweet and sickly...just what he loves?! I am just about to start my first of four night duties in a row so am feeling very sorry for myself. Warnock has taken up your role as older brother and chief vetter of boyfriends while you are away as there may be romance on the cards...I better not say any more or i'll get into trouble. Lots of love from your favourite older sister and brother-in-law?! xxxx
michael and janice stephens said Tue, 21 Jul 2009 07:57PM
great to hear from you all again. Can't believe you will be home in a week! Looking forward to seeing all your photos and hearing about all the people you have met. Enjoy your last few days. Stay safe! Hope Ryan has got to use some of his sun cream!!! lots of love Andys Mum and Dad xxx
Amy (Rory's 'posse') said Tue, 21 Jul 2009 08:22PM
HEY RORY!!! i have been reading about ur Kenyan antics and u seem to be having an incredible time and doing an incredible job!! mind you...there is a lot of focus on food! haha ur mum was sayin about the 7 hour church service!! a little different from back home! bet it was amazing to be a part of tho!! i miss u sooo much my teddy bear! and u get home the day we leave for Romania so it'll be another week before we have ur bant again!! anyway...keep making adifference :) love u, xx
David Holmes said Tue, 21 Jul 2009 08:28PM
Hi Rory - Just talking to your mum and she encouraged me to jump in with my first ever contribution to a blog. I hope you're putting all those scouting skills to good use although I don't recall BP mentioning getting better acquainted with giraffes. But if he had I'm sure he would have suggested picking a good looking one! You're on the right track if it's wearing lipstick. Really pleased to hear you're all getting on so well and that your presence there is making a difference to the lives of those you've met. A life changing experience for you too I've no doubt. Book me in for the photo session when you get home. C U soon.
Barbara said Wed, 22 Jul 2009 06:47AM
Delighted to hear that you are all enjoying yourselves. Happy belated birthday to Andrew - sorry your nanny told me about the blog at the weekend and this is the first I've got to sign on. Seems that you have been having a brilliant experience and Keith will not be surprised to hear that the Masai cooked you a goat (told you this happened to them when he was down). Take care and enjoy your last few days - I bet you can't believe your time is nearly up. Looking forward to seeing some brilliant photies - Josh will probably not believe that you have seen all the animals in real life!! Take care. Andy's Auntie Barbara, Keith & Josh.
Mama Orla said Wed, 22 Jul 2009 08:04PM
Hello to Team Hakuna Matata from the Shine Family (Alison's family minus one !). Hoping we can see you all in Mombassa- You have had an amazing experience - Thank God. I'm sure you have all been richly blessed by this time in Kajiado. Sincere thanks to Ronnie & Maggie for takng care of you all. Love from Orla,Cecil, Kathryn and Emma