Update from Nairobi!

Prayer_c Posted by Kirsten Brown on Fri, 27 May 2011 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

Hey guys! Hope everyone is keeping well.

Me and Emma have been in Nairobi now for 1 month! It has literally flown in, but as the saying goes.. time flys when you’re having fun! :)

Since my last blog we’ve been out in Kayole a lot more, mainly in Tujisaide primary school which I absolutely adore! Whilst there we have sat in on some classes and observed a typical lesson that goes on everyday. I sat in on Maths and Swahili and actually leart a few more Swahili words! We also stayed with a class while they had library class and helped then with words that they found difficult. I really enjoyed this as the kids were much more relaxed around us as there was no teacher in the room, just teacher Shiko and teacher Njeri! :)

During one of the days at the primary school we also got to measure the childrens feet for their new shoes that they will be getting courtesy of the UDP! When we go to the primary school I enjoy myself so much I could go there everyday! The kids are a delight to be around and even though we’ve been around them quite a lot now we’re still met with cries of mzungu and hands grabbing for our skin and hair! But we enjoy spending time with them so much we dont mind! :D This coming Monday we hope to teach a few classes on Ireland and the areas we come from so I hope that goes well :)

During our time here we have also got to see some of Nairobi in the form of a park called Aboretum. We went there with a friend we’ve made here at the Cathedral and we had such a good day the place is beautiful and the longer we spent there the more beautiful the weather became so overall we really enjoyed Aboretum!

From attending the Youth Service at the Cathedral each Sunday we have made so many amazing friends here that even when we go on to Kajiado and even back to Ireland we will never forget<3! It’s so awesome to known that even in a different Continent we still have brothers and sisters in Christ that we can relate with. The last month has really been amazing and has zoomed in and I know for definate that I am going to enjoy my last 2 weeks in Nairobi! :)