Qwaheri Nairobi .. Karibu Kajiado

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I haven’t left a blog in the last few weeks so I think its time I let you good people hear what I’ve been doing :)

For the past three weeks I have now been living in Kajiado which is very different from Nairobi. We left Nairobi on the 13th of June and believe me that day was a very emotional day!

During our last week in Nairobi we decided to try and do as many things as possible to make the most of our last week and I think we accomplished that! We got some friends to take us to different areas in Nairobi so we could see some more of the city notably the Village market. We were also invited to a poetry night in the cathedral which was a night full of amazing music and poetry. During our last week we also went to KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) with the kids we have been working with in the primary school in Kayole. This day is one of the highlights of my trip so far. The kids rarely get to go on an adventure like this and to be there and be with them whilst they have new and wonderful experiences was just amazing and I couldnt ask for anymore out of a day.

We arrived at All Saints cathedral at around 9 on the 13th like any other morning only this time we had suitcases in tow. As soon as we got to the cathedral we were on a mission to say goodbye to as many people as we could find as we didnt want to miss anyone. We had previsouly said goodbye to all of our amazing friends through out the week and were now finding all of the staff who have seen us as part of the furniture for the last 6 weeks and saying goodbye to them. The day brought many mixed emotions including sad to be leaving friends and anxious about going to a new place and not knowing what to expect. As the monday morning went on and we had said most of our goodbyes myself and Emma were sitting in the UDP office to hear a car pull up outside and then hear these two Northern Irish accents. (which was the most bizzare thing after hearing only Kenyan accents for 6 weeks!) Ronnie and Maggie had arrived to pick us up to bring us to their house in Isinya before going to Kajiado the next day. At this point I think both myself and Emma didnt know whether to laugh or cry that we were about to leave but as time went on we had one person to say a hugeeee goodbye to and that was Louise. Louise and her family have been so amazing over the six weeks that her and her family hosted us, we couldnt have asked for a better host! We absolutely love her to pieces and thank her so much for her hospitality and kindness that she showed us through out! So, on we went at around midday on a monday afternoon, we left Nairobi behind as we were now driving south towards Kajiado…

We arrived in Kajiado on a Tuesday after spending Monday night in Isinya with Ronnie and Maggie which was very kind of them as it helped us in a way to transition between a huge city and a small town. When we arrived in Kajiado I was a little overwhelmed by how tiny it is in comparrison to Nairobi. The first day in Kajiado was mainly a rest day and a chance for us to walk around and get our bearings a little bit.

Over the next week or so I had been finding it a little hard to ajust from City life to town life as I think its easy to say Kajiado and Nairobi are vastly different but also both amazing in their own ways. After around a week I have felt completly setteled in here in Kajiado the people around the compound are so lovely and welcoming that we love them all so much! Another factor that has helped me settle in here in Kajiado has been my time in the nursery everyday!

Around a week into our time in Kajiado we had to travel back up to Nairobi and do some filiming in Kayole to document what work we have been doing with the UDP – this day was amazing! We got to see the kids form Kayole, which is awesome each time we see them but as this was the last time we would be seeing them it was even more special. As we were leaving the school at the end of the day the principle decided to call a school parade so we could say bye to all of the kids together and that was quite emotional as some of the kids got up to speak and also some of the teachers, it was an event that I will never forget in my life! I want to say a hugeee thank you to all the staff in Tujisaidie who welcomed us with open arms for the 6 weeks we worked there and I want to say how amazing each and every person that works there is and what amazing jobs they do!

I have been working in St. Emmanuaels ACK nursery and I absolutely love it! At first I was a little worried maybe at the language barrier but it hasnt been to much of a problem and day after day my time in the nursery gets better and better :) Being in the nursery is also great as my Swahili has improved dramatically from Nairobi were everyone speaks English but as most of the kids dont have great English I pick up a lot from them which is a great help in everyday conversation!

I have now been in Kajiado for 3 weeks which seems crazy to say as it only feels about 3 days, its the same for my time in Kenya as the time is just going too fast! So far I have been really enjoying my time in Kajiado and even have been given a Maasai name Naa Nyu which means patient! :) Im extremley looking forward to my next 3 weeks in Kajiado and I just hope it doesnt go in as fast as the last three! :)


Gillian said Mon, 18 Jul 2011 10:20PM
hey Kirsten! wow so great to read your blog. keep it up. praying for you as you prepare to come home. church prays for you all the time! soak it all in. god bless you The Millars

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