Knocked Down and Left to Die

Magandas Posted by Gillian Maganda on Fri, 16 Nov 2007 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

One incident that really upset us recently, was that of a Sudanese man, who was knocked down by a hit-and-run driver. He was left lying at the side of the road for 2 full days and nights. His injuries were quite extensive and one passerby even threw a dirty blanket over him because they thought he was dead. Eventually after 2 days of no food; no water; and no good samaritian in sight, one Egyptian man stopped as he suspected the man was still breathing. He was indeed still breathing and the Egyptian man asked the injured man if there was someone he could contact. He whispered to him the name of a person who works with us at Zamalek; and the Egyptian man came and handed a note to the Cathedral security, to be delivered to Mr. Thewart the Cathedral Finance Manager. He in turn acted immediately and called our Medical Director, who sent one of our doctors to the scene and called an Ambulance to take the injured man to hospital. The first Ambulance that came refused to take him, stating it was a criminal case and needed the police involved. Dr. Eman phoned another of our linked hospitals asking them to pick the man from the street. Thankfully they did and the Sudanese hit-and-run victim was able to receive necessary medial treatment and IV fluids, as he was at the point of death. Some of us were able to go and visit him and Refuge Egypt, in conjunction with St. Andrew’s church, paid for his medical bills. He is still in hospital and we’d value your prayers for his continuing recovery. We cried as we wondered how any reasonable human being could walk by an injured person on the street, and ignore his need for help? It beggers belief. Oh God have mercy!