Prayer Requests: November 2007

Magandas Posted by Gillian Maganda on Fri, 16 Nov 2007 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

It’s been a while since I’ve been on my blog – simply because we have been swamped with work. With funding reports to write; proposals to update and many visitors, life is never boring – that’s for sure! Here’s a few prayer requests for us as a family for the coming months.

- Pray for Esther as she has her GCSE mocks after the Christmas break and is trying to organize herself in preparing for those.
- At Refuge Egypt in the coming weeks, we are holding a review of our structures and projects to determine where we want to be as an organization in the years to come? What changes do we need to make to meet our goals and vision? And how can we continue to offer quality services to an ever transcient refugee population? Pray for wisdom for the Management Team and Site Committee as they evaluate all the information and make decisons based upon our findings. Some hard decisons will have to be made.
- Pray for David in his leadership role as Acting Coordinator. Every day is filled with a mountain of challenges and problems to deal with. Pray he will have daily doses of wisdom. Pray that we may find a suitable replacement soon.
- Pray for Kezia and Gillian in the Development Office as we seek to find new sources of funding – it seems to be getting harder and harder. Pray for wisdom and direction as we research and knock doors. - Pray for us as a family. We are due home next year for home assignment and are at a crossroads in terms of our future. Pray for us to know God’s leading and direction in the coming months.
- A new Beginner’s Counselling Course started last week (11th Nov.). This term we have 35 students who are keen to hear from God and open to learning new skills in the whole area of counselling. Pray many lives will be impacted and that students and tutors alike will be motivated to do their best in preparation and delivery of material. - Give thanks that Beth is doing well and coming out of herself a bit more. Pray for wisdom for us as we consider her future needs.
- Nathan is back to baseball soon and loves sport. He is always full of vivid, imaginative stories which sometimes get him into trouble at school – he talks too much. Pray for him to continue to be a blessing to many. - David’s family in Uganda have had alot of deaths in recent months. Pray for them all as they mourn the loss of their loved ones.
- This past few months we have had a large influx of Eritrean refugees into Cairo – as many are experiencing religious persecution or being forced to join the military. Pray for us as we consider how to best meet their needs and be a place of comfort and support.