A mountain on the Clouds

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Early on Monday morning, our team split. It was hard watching the ‘Dun-deelers’ leave for their time in Nairobi. There is already a deep bond among us – we are even comfortable with each other’s silence. After they had left, we packed our many, many cases into the jeeps and headed ‘down the road’. Down the road meant some tarmac but mainly pot-holed dirt-tracks with dust creeping into every corner.

Within minutes we were seeing zebras, gazelles and giraffes, so majestic in the wild. As the miles and bumps melted into a rhythmic blur, there was a welcome break at a market, and a wonderful late lunch at a tree with what can only be described as magnificent ‘Born Free’ scenery.

A short drive up a sharp hill brought us to our home for the next ten days. When you drive into the compound of the Masai Rural Training Centre, your heart initially leaps with anxiety, (where will we be sleeping in this isolated spot?). But your heart leaps again when you’re sitting on some thatched decking and you catch your first glimpse of the top of the magnificent Mount Kilimanjaro, as it floats high above the misty cloudy that hide its base, it’s glacier-tipped peak glistening over a multi-coloured savannah so many miles below. All around you are what we in Ireland would call mountains, but the Kenyans call them hills. It’s easy to see why, as their lofty efforts are dwarfed by the Mountain on the clouds.

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