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On Friday, we began the day at the school with PPI – Personal Pastoral Instruction, or what we might call ‘assembly’. The teachers had been ingenious in creating space for all 300 children and staff to meet together, by removing the partition walls between 4 classrooms – suddenly the wobbly walls made complete sense! After some praise songs and prayers we were invited to sing to the school, and Adrian taught on the value of working as a team. We have lots of video to share of this time of simple joyous worship.

Afterwards we taught some of the older classes about the Giants Causeway and the human skeleton, then we took two younger classes to the public field for games with the parachutes and plenty of laughs. Walking through Kayole is difficult, paths are made of compacted rubbish with free flowing drains, but any depressing thoughts are very soon cleared when we hear the children’s laughter, and their calls to us of ‘How are YOU?!’

And then back to work painting – members of the community are also helping us each day, so we are making good progress. Finally we presented Headmaster John with a card, photo and tea towel from Belmont Primary School, which he was delighted to receive.

Saturday was a day off from work, and we visited a market in the city centre, where the sales tactics were highly pressurised. The afternoon was more relaxing as we visited the animal orphanage with Louise and her two boys, to see some lions, cheetahs and a leopard at fairly close quarters.

Sunday was a highlight of the trip so far, spent at the Cathedral sampling several of the dozen or more Sunday services, then meeting some of the Social Outreach Ministry team who work alongside Louise on the UDP programme. All styles of worship were catered for, from traditional Anglican morning prayer to a youth service of over 1000 with contemporary music in English and Swahili. It was uplifting to see the Cathedral grounds busy with people for hours after the services finished, as they fellowshipped together.

Today (Monday), we returned to work at the school, bringing our school resources and some blankets for distribution to the community members. The team are returning to full strength after each has had some tummy troubles, but Imodium is now our new best friend!

We are looking forward to our last couple of days to complete our work here, and to make the most of the relationships we have built.



Hannah and Paul said Tue, 21 Jul 2015 07:09PM
Just great to hear all the news- sounds like you're all working hard but getting to experience lots. Really looking forward to seeing all the pictures and videos and hearing all about your experiences! Missing you all and sending best wishes for the rest of your trip!:) Hannah and Paul
Heather Grindle said Fri, 24 Jul 2015 11:42AM
Have passed your blogs round our Wed evening prayers for the sick group. Mentally picturing you all hard at work and also meeting all the friends out there. Please give them my love, especially Lucy and Louise. Stay well - looking forward to your return and hearing all the news. Love to all the team too.

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