Endings and beginnings

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On Monday evening (10th), we were hosted by Rev John Mark Oduor and his family and had a sumptuous meal. This was a lovely time of fellowship, as Rev John Mark visited St Mark’s, Dundela in 2014.

Tuesday was our final day of painting at Tujisaidie Community School. It was lovely to have a sense of completion, having transformed the walls of eight classrooms and a courtyard from grey plaster to gleaming white. The headteacher said, “You have not only painted walls, you have painted children’s lives”, which was very touching for the team. There had always been a great sense of partnership with the painting as members of the community joined in and we were supervised by a local craftsman who is going to add some finishing touches.

On Wednesday morning we visited Bahati Secondary School in Kayole which caters for young people aged 13 to 18. We were warmly greeted and had a tour of the school. We could see some real challenges in terms of resourcing but were very impressed by the commitment of the staff and students. Education is highly valued and some of the young people shared their dreams to become doctors, lawyers, electricians and one girl even plans to become a pilot. It was inspiring to see the hope for the future that this school fostered.

On Wednesday afternoon, we had a goodbye assembly at Tujisaidie Community School. The children sang beautifully and some recited poems and Bible verses. It was an opportunity to share gifts and thanks on all sides. We are very grateful to have been welcomed and enabled to share in the community for a week and a half.

On Wednesday evening, the Provost of All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi, hosted us for a dinner with members of the Cathedral Staff. It was a blessed time of fellowship and we were each honoured to be presented with a traditional Maasai Shuka (a colourful piece of fabric). We were able to thank the cathedral staff for their welcome and support and in particular the organisational skills of Louise Githire who went ‘above and beyond’, as we say in Ireland!

On Thursday morning we travelled from Nairobi to Oltiasika. The journey took approximately six hours due to the remoteness of the village and the dirt roads. We were glad to be in a Land Cruiser as an ordinary car wouldn’t have got very far! It was amazing to see giraffe and zebra ambling along beside us!

In Oltiasika, we rejoined the part of the team from Christ Church, Bray who had been based there while we were in Nairobi. We also linked up again with Ronnie and Maggie Briggs and were able to stay at the Maasai Rural Training Centre where they will soon be based. This centre has a primary school, a clinic, a guest house, a church and a farm with goats and cows.

On Friday, we joined in assembly at the local primary school and were treated to some traditional Maasai dancing and singing. As in Kayole, we were very impressed by the welcome from the staff and pupils. We later spent about an hour in a carpentry workshop helping with the construction of some desks for a computer suite. We learnt a lot in an hour but I think we couldn’t call ourselves carpenters yet! We took a drive and saw wild elephants and then relaxed around a camp fire with roast goat followed by marshmallows. Friday also saw the beginning of our debriefing process which will continue as we process our experiences.

On Saturday, we returned to the guesthouse in Kajiado were we started two weeks ago. En route we spent time in Amboseli park on safari which was eye-popping! We saw elephants, giraffe, zebra, hippos, antelope etc etc!

On Sunday the team visited two local churches. Adrian had the opportunity to preach in St Faith’s Church, Kenya Marble Quarry, which he helped to build 12 years ago. Both teams enjoyed the singing and hospitality.

Next stop, Belfast (via Nairobi and London)! We look forward to coming home but we will definitely miss Kenya. It has been a blessing to go “Walking in Mission 2015”.


Anne Dorrian is part of a CMSI Mission Experience Team Abroad, who have been visiting Kenya in July 2015. You can read their other blogs here


Steven said Tue, 28 Jul 2015 08:09AM
Great blog, Anne, and an amazing experience by all accounts. Very inspiring to hear of the children's and teachers' reactions to your good work. Safe home and look forward to hearing more soon!

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