Addis, Kigali and Goma...Kindu next

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18th July

Team Kindu has arrived, in Africa at least. There was a wonderful sunrise not long after we flew over Lake Tania, the source of the Blue Nile, on our approach to landing at Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Taking refuge from sleep deprivation in the Obelisk Coffee Bar we await our onward flight to Kigali, sustained not just by caffeine, but by at least two ‘fruit’ stories from Guy, and epic tales of passenger and baggage mishandling from the archives of the CMSI Director of Mission.

Morale is high. Patrick, ever the evangelist, managed to pass a tract to a young Zimbabwean cricketer, whilst Andrew embarrassed all when he produced a ‘selfie’ stick!

We value your prayers as the adventure continues.

19th July
We safely arrived in Goma, DR Congo this afternoon. We spent last night in Kigali, capital of Rawanda. We went to worship in St Etienne’s Anglican Cathedral to find the Bishop of Ely (in England) and a team from the diocese were over. The service was uplifting and encouraging, though seeing wardens wearing shiny robes. We liked Kigali and enjoyed the three hour bus ride through verdant hills with spectacular views of deep valleys.

The boarder crossing at Goma into DR Congo was a bit of a wake-up call. The marked difference between the tarmac road on the Rwandan side to the rubbish-strewn Congolese side struck us all. For an hour or so, surrounded by grubby small children, busy porters and the strong smells of many people living in close proximity, we waited for officialdom to process our papers.

A kind older man from the Gideons helped us and got us to our contact, Revd Desire. He is a hard working Anglican vicar in Goma who ferried us to our current location. We are staying at a very nice Catholic hotel on the shore of Lake Kivu. The three fellas had a swim a short time ago. Over dinner, we spent a long time discussing our experiences and attitudes to poverty, aid, love and church.

We leave early tomorrow morning for the short flight to Kindu.

Thanks for all your prayers!
Patrick, Jenny, Andrew and Guy


Sandra Rice said Tue, 21 Jul 2015 12:13PM
Best of luck to Guy, Patrick & all the team. We are following your blog and praying for you.
Trudi Shields said Tue, 21 Jul 2015 12:34PM
So pleased to hear you have arrived safely from your flight. Keeping you all in our prayers as you continue your journey.

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