The second safari

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Saturday 25th July

We’re back in the city of Kindu after two nights away visiting churches and schools in other parts of the diocese. Let me describe some of what that involved.

Between the city and a large part of the diocese is the mighty Congo River, about 300 metres wide and heavy with sediment. We crossed again in pirogues, hollowed-out tree trunk canoes.

Picking up the vehicles left on the other side we drove to more churches, this time using good tarmac road half the way. We stopped at eight churches in all with names like Libuyu, Kakukytia and Kikungwa. At each, as on our previous safari, we were met with soul-lifting, palm waving, rejoicing people intent on giving the bishop, his staff and the CMSI team the warmest of welcomes.

We were seated at the front of a church full of smiling faces and with prayer and speeches each of us was given the opportunity to say a few words in turn. The parish clergy and vestry were then introduced to us and the pastor or one of the wardens would make a speech outlining their situation: numbers, opportunites and problems. We would be afforded gifts: fruit, rice and chickens. We returned some, footballs, MU blankets etc, and with final handshaking we would take our leave.

We stayed the two nights in Kalima, a smaller place than Kindu, but with electricity and old colonial houses – both vestiges of the town’s mining history.

Throughout this trip, we have again been deeply impressed by the ability of people to cope with very limited resources and at the raw beauty of many joyful and sincere hearts. Bishop Masimango, his wife Naomi and their team including local Mothers’ Union women have been excellent hosts. The bishop has also provided us with a fascinating commentary as we have journeyed on.

Glad to say none of us has had any serious sickness, though Jenny has a rotten cold. Andrew and Patrick managed a run of all things on Friday evening. All of us have had lots to reflect on and discuss.

We are to be in three different churches tomorrow morning. Services last about three hours on average!

Thanks to all who are following our progress with interest and prayer.

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