and the winner is....

Niall2 Posted by Niall Manogue on Fri, 19 May 2006 | 5 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

so here it is – the long awaited competition winner. see earlier posts for details!

Thompo – great variety – expanded my musical horizons, so i know you 'll be happy anyway. Ro – spot on with the songs i'll like section – but we did share some big tunes over 2 years, so maybe you had a head start. Ben J – got in early – very strong… hard to beat Jamie – unexpected – introduced me to Sufjan Stevens – thanks.. oh and a great dave clements track Britty – late entry – strong through the mix – cant really giove it to you cos we re sort of related. Jonny Africa – an excellent attempt to introduce me to country.. not buying it though Ben R – indeed a thinking compilation. as usual broke the mould – though probably too much to get the crown so…

SPIKEYOU HAVE IT! though your cheeky comment nearly lost you it. a perfect combination of good tunes, new tunes, special tunes and an excellent prince track which sealed it. you coming to uganda some time soon – if so … queen liz is on me…

i salute thee sir....


Spike said Sat, 20 May 2006 09:14AM
Ahh...the sweet smell of success... Much as I delight in the joys of victory i have just two concerns for you: 1. If Britty is ruled out as a family member you may find objections from other participants on the basis that i am your employer...did threatening to withhold your allowance have any bearing on the result?! 2. Unlike some other folks the chances of me being in Uganda soon are high and you may actually have to cough up! Good to hear you are doing well mate - love to the others!
Lynda Canning said Mon, 22 May 2006 08:41PM
Hi Niall,with added greetings to Rachel Hope that you are well and that you have a good birthday. Enjoy the day. Hope that you are enjoying your stay. Found this after phoning your dad. then got so excited that I could e-mail you that I haven't yet read your 'blogging' is that the right term. I have put your site into my favourites so we now try to keep up to date. Love aunty Lynda
The Finlays said Tue, 23 May 2006 05:19PM
Happy Birthday! Hope the cake's baked and the champagne on ice! We celebrated with the McB's and your mum & dad on saturday night. Do you remember what a chinese take away's like? The 6 of us went to Doneghans to see Andrews band 2 weeks ago and they were great. I think you would enjoy them, but you've that to look forward too! Weather here Terrible, Cold, wet and windy. Don't know where summer is. Glad you're settled there. Will be in touch again soon! love the Finlays x
Helen McB said Tue, 23 May 2006 07:31PM
Hi Nially, Hope you have a great birthday you very old boy. You are nearly at the stopping counting stage now like myself. Things sound good with you. Love and many happy returns from your old friends the McBs
Mavis said Wed, 24 May 2006 12:51PM
Happy Birthday Niall. Hope you enjoyed the CMS Ireland choir singing "Happy Birthday". I'll buy you a bagel when I see you in August.