wedding times are busy times...

Niall2 Posted by Niall Manogue on Fri, 08 Sep 2006 | 6 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook hopefully you'll excuse my blogging failings whilst in the land of speedy internet access. well, my sister has been married off, i have a new brother.. all in all it was a fantastic day. it was also brilliant being back home with friends and family for a few weeks, though definitely not long enough!

as a consequence of that its now a little weird being back in Kiwoko again. am finding it quite difficult to re settle again, though it's still early doors, so i'm sure that will continue. i'm watching 24 season 1 in an attempt to keep my mind busy!

also work is doing a great job of preventing me spending too much time thinking about home – straight back into it, with a few donor queries and an interesting personnel 'issue' to sort out! the latter caused a spot of restructuring within our HIV/AIDS department but is now looking like it is an opportunity for growth rather than the problem that it was a week ago. prayers for a smooth transition would be good.

will hopefully be taking on responsibility for our youth centre in the next few weeks, so looking forward to that challenge as well. that, combined with writing an HIV/AIDS strategy for the hospital and managing a significant increase new donor project should keep me busy up until Christmas.

this is kind of a short entry just to make contact again. ill scive off to kampala again soon with the excuse of needing to write a new blog entry…


Dad said Thu, 28 Sep 2006 08:43AM
Dear Niall Good luck with the 'fun run' hope the knees and legs get there in the end why not do the lsat bit on bike , its just like running with legs going up and down but on to pedals far more efficient. All go here with mums bag getting bigger by the day, what i want to knoiw is whos going to bring my morning cup of tea when shes away good luck keep cool and drink plenty and i beleive you should eat plenty of spaghetti before hand, well thats all i know about running. Take care. Dad oxo
Mark Lilley said Thu, 28 Sep 2006 06:35PM
Hey Niall, we missed you in Uganda, but I am glad to hear that your sisters wedding went well. I am off out to the pub tonight to meet up with Hannah, Mark and Kerrie, who where all in Uganda at the same time as me. Hope you are settling in a bit better now. Look forward to hearing how the run went!!! You got any knew poker buddies? GB Mark - Glasgow
janet manogue said Sun, 24 Sep 2006 09:02PM
Hi Niall, me again. How are you Honey? Week 2 of the continuing saga of Keith and Michael guttering services and the squash training. First of all, Wayne is settling in well in Ashby De La Zouch (somewhere in the middle). Michael and Helen were here Sunday for tea again, sort of a thank you for Michael helping with the guttering and thereby hangs the tale..... Michael arrived at about 9.30 and by 10.30, they'd had bacon butties and had made a list. What with getting the wrong stuff and having to change some of it, the first piece of guttering went up at 1.30pm and they were in the squash court by about 4.30, guttering left until next week. Alas, Michael only managed one helping of sticky toffee pudding this week, it knit itself on the plate and defeated him...bit like Keith on the squash court, although they assured me Michael managed to win just one game. The boy improves! Guttering around the bay windows next week! lamb for tea and profiteroles for pudding. Do hope things are going well in Africa. When you visit, you can choose the tea. Anything you like. Week 3 of the continuing saga of Keith and Michael Guttering Services and the squash training. Well, good news this week, Michael is improving and won two games! The guttering has defeated them both, it was raining, thundering actually, and they were both soaking wet, but it's up around the bay windows and has been duly admired. Keith and Sam have been busy all this week, pointing the front of the house. It looks lovely, but there's so much to do yet. They used an angle grinder to get the old pointing out but didn't shut the front door and I'm still hoovering dust up the floor grates when you walk on it, so workfor me this week. I start Uni again tomorrow, and have to justify a complete change of heart about what my practise will be this year. I'm working on it as I write. I've started my dissertation this weekend too, so I'm pleased about that. Jake's finger is almost healed now, he's started playing his saxophone again, so he's pleased. Will write again next week, perhaps send a letter by snail mail. God Bless, sleep well, Aunty Janet. xxxx
janet manogue said Mon, 11 Sep 2006 12:07AM
scuse the non comment, i hit the wrong button again, as anyone will tell you, I'm well known for it. text messages get wiped, e-mails don't get sent.... hopeless. Niall, I should be in bed at this time, but I'm talking to Wayne as he's going away tomorrow to live in Ashby-de-la-Zouch, somewhere in the middle I believe. Not as far away as you, but far enough for me. Glad you got back safely, we look forward to seeing you again when you come home next. It was really lovely seeing you again. I'll be back at uni in two weeks, no one knows what's happening, even the tutors, I went in to see them last week, but they're still in the dark. Michael and Helen came for tea today, Keith is teaching Michael to play squash. Michael wasn't even sweating, but keith looked like a lobster! Mikey got beat Friday and today, and he's raring to go for more. Triple chocolate pudding with mars bar sauce (three helpings) won't help him will it. he was contemplating another helping when he decided he was an athlete and he'd pass! Helen has taken the remainder home with them and Mikey has commented that she'd better not eat it all with Dawn ... or else! and he doesn't really like chocolate pudding or mars bars. I must have done something right. Got to go now, it's after one. will comment again soon, God Bless, sleep well..... Aunty Janetxxxxx
Jake said Tue, 12 Sep 2006 07:50AM
hi its jake whats going on in uganda? just thought id ask bye
Paul T said Wed, 13 Sep 2006 09:26AM
Hi Niall, I'm sure it is very strange being back in Uganda after home - I even feel that going back to Scotland. I'm gutted I wasn't home at the same time as you to catch up - I suppose I'll just have to come out to Uganda at some point to see you instead. A new brother eh? How exciting - I'm sure it was a cool day. When Jane came back from Romania she was always a bit disgusted with herself and how easily she slotted back into a Britain having coped very easily in Romania without needing things like Bagel stands or Top Shop. It always took hera while when she got back to Cluj to get used to it again but she always got back in the way of it quick enough. Keep in touch and keep up with teh blogging when you can - it really is cool to read. Paul