Niall2 Posted by Niall Manogue on Tue, 17 Apr 2007 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

One of my favourite musicians is Foy Vance – he is astounding – amazing voice; intelligent, insightful lyrics and guitar skills to die for! Find him here. You may have seen him at summer madness – he's been involved with the CMSI venue there a number of times. An artist who is a Christian, rather than a Christian artist, I often find that his songs cause me to look at my own life and faith differently, and express things that I know and feel, but can't articulate!

One of his songs is called 'sometimes'.. it's from his watermelon oranges ep… one of the lines in the song is…

"sometimes i feel like there's no God up above, sometimes the universe is like a backdrop to a simple act of love"

That reflects my life here so times, suffering, injustice and the scurge of AIDS makes me completely doubt that existence of God.. and yet, at others.. His presence is so real, that the entire universe seems to be screaming about what He is doing.

I had such a moment yesterday morning. Driving back from Entebbe, having left my brother at the airport, with the sun shining, children in brightly coloured school uniforms heading off to class, and passing vegetation that was green and lush, it was as if all of creation was shouting about the existence of something good. Something alive. Something God. How good it is to have those moments – they put the valleys of darkness in context.

I love the idea of the universe as a backdrop – you see a backdrop is rarely the best part of a stage show – the really exciting stuff is happening on the stage, in front of the backdrop. As amazing as the backdrop may be… without the action on stage we would tire of looking at the simple backdrop on its own. So it is with our God.. the world around us is amazing, but the really awesome bits are where God is at work. It's the places where He is outworking this simple act of love that I really want to see.

And those places are all around – you don't have to be in Africa to see God working! So look around you today – where is He outworking his simple act of love… this love that cost Him everything and that can transform the world around us… if only we'll let it.

Sometimes.. it's like the universe is like a backdrop to a simple act of love…