Ramro are go (26.7.08)

Wfteamnepal Posted by Team Ramro on Sun, 27 Jul 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

This morning, I was awoken by the enthusiastic strains of a Nepali band who were in full carnival mode. Clearly, the locals were out celebrating the safe arrival of Team Ramro (and their luggage)!

The team from Willowfield Parish, that go by the name of Ramro (which is Nepali for ‘good’), arrived in Kathmandu yesterday evening after their long journey from Belfast, via London and Bahrain. After a welcome soup and bread supper at the Gill’s residence, the team were dispatched to their various hosts and to their beds.

Today, looking much more alert and human, the 14 adults (and one toddler) went to Nepali church with their hosts (apart from 3 of the girls who stayed in their beds for most of the morning). The team all met up for lunch and then spent the afternoon on the tourist trail, which was concluded by a rickshaw ride (9 rickshaws in convoy through the crowded streets of downtown Kathmandu) and a pizza fest.

Spirits are high and all is well. And as I sit at Mark & Ali’s laptop, tapping out this message, the rain, which has been strangely absent for 3 days now, has returned. And I still have to walk to SP’s house!

Tomorrow, the team will be leading and taking part in a worship seminar for Nepali Christian youth leaders. Please pray for this event and for the team to continue to adjust to the Nepali ways, particularly if it rains!

More soon, I hope.

Roger C

PS – It turns out the parade was in honour of the new president, who lives near the house where 5 of the team are staying.