Breaking the silence (12.08.08)

Wfteamnepal Posted by Team Ramro on Tue, 12 Aug 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

Monday, wrote Mr Kipling….

By all accounts, the bus trip from Kathmandu to Lamjung was one of the higlights of the trip. The guys were loving the scenery and the snapshots of rural Nepal. Thomas was in his geo-element and was particularly excited by the evidence of landslides (it’s all about process). But the ‘biggest smile prize’ was won by Simon, who was overwhelmed by the experience, “This is one of the best days of my life!”.

We spent 4 long, hot days painting the hospital at Lamjung (managed by HDCS) and the team far surpassed the expectations of the staff there. The guys did a great job and the hospital looks so much brighter and cleaner. And Dr Stoops got a chance to see some medi-action.

Personally, I was loving being part of the team, after my week of CMS Ireland work in Kathmandu. They are a great bunch and they really care about one another.

But the week was not without incident. There was a bit of a local dispute that led to a ‘demonstration’, that led to a curfew. Throw in a couple of power cuts, and you will understand the lack of blogging. There was also a couple of ‘cockroach episodes’. They seemed to be after Suzie, but ‘smash bang Sam’ and ‘flamethrower Cherith’ struck back on one night of cockroach carnage. As for the barking dog, it’s best to let Sam tell you himself. I was shocked.

Lauren D and Jonny C were both a little under the weather at times, but are doing well now. But Stephen H had to be taken back to Kathmandu (with Sam and myself) due to some chest pains he was having last Friday. He was admitted to the Gangalal Heart Hospital (a really excellent hospital) where they have identified the cause of his pains and breathing difficulties.

Stephen is due to undergo a procedure (probably on Thursday) to remove a couple of blockages in his arteries. This has been a really difficult time for Stephen, but he is being well looked after and is enjoying his morning back massages from the nurses.

Sam rejoined the rest of the team today, who are now in Pokhara. Apart from some sunburn, all are well and are enjoying this time of rest and retreat. They are obviously concerned about Stephen and are looking forward to being closer to him when they return to Kathmandu on Friday.

Tomorrow, the team are off on a wee adventure with an overnight stay in one of the treking lodges north of Pokhara. If the clouds lift a little, they will get some spectacular views.

Meanwhile, back in Kathmandu, it is raining, but I am enjoying the distinctive aroma of a mosquito coil as I sit and type.

Obviously, the situation with Stephen has kind of dominated my time in the last 5 days, so apologies again for the lack of blogging. Hopefully, you will hear from one of the team members soon – they will have many stories to tell.

In the meantime, please do pray for Stephen and for those doctors and nurses who are looking after him.