What a difference a day makes...

Sarah_hutchinson Posted by Sarah Caughey on Wed, 06 May 2009 | 0 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

Some of you may have picked up the story on the BBC about the current situation. I am not really sure what it will mean and how it will play out in the coming days. I am no political analyst.

All is quiet in Patan where I am…I think there may be a period of limbo to come as the political procedures are gone through and people begin to react.

So, pray for Nepal and its leaders at this time. Pray that God guides them somehow and steers them on a peaceful path. That meetings will be positive and that the country can stay calm. There are so many different groups here…a lot of different concerns and agendas to meld and monitor and keep in line.

Pray for safety for the people of Nepal, as well as the mission community. Give thanks that we are able to look after one another and keep each other informed. Particularly, give thanks for the Hopkinsons who are my surrogate family here..and have just provided me with the classic NI solution..tea and biscuits..and a luxury treat of a creme egg. I am a little uneasy but am comforted that God reigns in this place, that I have people to keep me in the loop. But currently there is nothing to be concerned about…it is all rumour and speculation. So don’t worry!! But it is a new perspective on Nepal…at how quickly things can happen.

Also, pray that I will be able to renew my visa for the full 30 days without any issues before it expires..that the route to the office is clear, that the office is open, and that they are favourable to it and for the full remaining amount.

So a lot of prayer is needed in the coming days!

Grace and Peace

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