Miracles at Mongo

Spens Posted by Colin Corbridge on Tue, 01 Jul 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to del.icio.us Post this to Facebook

On 3rd March 2008, Ian and Carol Smith visited the community at Mongo where construction work on a new Primary School was about to start to replace the ancient and dilapidated buildings currently used by the pupils. The buildings are still in use and there are still three classes that take place under trees.

But not for much longer. In just 16 weeks, the first building is complete and the children celebrated in style on Thursday, marching and singing around the building. Even better news is that the foundations of the second block of 3 classrooms are rising from the ground.

It has been a real partnership. Funds have been raised by Connor Diocese and channelled through CMS Ireland to the Diocese of Yei in Southern Sudan. The builders have lived with the community of Mongo and the community have contributed bricks, hardcore, sand and aggregate as well as provided water collectors and stone crushers.

The road to Mongo is notoriously bad and during the heavy rains can frequently be impassable, even to 4WD vehicles. This presented a challenge as many materials had to be brought by lorry from the nearest town Yei. John commented: “because Connor had sent us the funds up front, we decided to buy as many materials as we could before the rainy season started and to store them on site. That strategy worked and there have been no hold-ups due to the rains. Then there was a fear that the Lords Resistance Army might be active in that area which prevented me visiting the site very often. But I did reach the village on 26th June and the sight that greeted me was amazing. The result is one of which all can be proud. That’s why I think we can call it a modern Mongo miracle!”