Unexpected Change...

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Both of us returned to the UK at the end of July so that Poppy could receive medical treatment for a swelling that has was later diagnosed as a large ovarian cyst. She had an operation for its removal on 19th August and a complete hysterectomy as well. She will need to lead a quiet life here in Winchester until November at least.

Our sudden departure from Yei meant that we had little time to hand over things in the way we had wanted. Poppy had a day to implement her six week handover programme and, as John only made the decision to leave Yei at 5pm on a Friday afternoon before flying on the Saturday morning, he had rather less time! Despite this, both the Clinic and College appear to be running well and we are keeping up to date with what is going on from almost daily emails with the staff now running the projects.

John hopes to makes a visit to Yei from 21st September to 3rd October to make sure that the College finances are OK, to hand everything over to the Bishop (who has now returned to Yei after a sabbatical year) and to offer any help he can, although he stands down from his position as YVTC Co-ordinator on 13th September. We then both hope to visit Yei for a month from mid-November, returning in time for Christmas in UK. CMS Ireland are currently advertising for a new Mission Partner to work in the YVTC and we pray that this will be a fruitful search.

The future for us is still not completely clear although some ideas are developing. The basic ideas are these:

1. We will continue to visit and be involved in the life of the church and some of the development work of the Diocese of Yei.
2. We may offer our skills and experiences to other parts of the church in other Dioceses of Sudan and at a provincial level.
3. We might do this through a number of short-term visits each year supported by our home church in Winchester.
4. We hope to offer our specific input to programmes with medical, building, management, administrative and financial elements.

While in the UK, both of us are busy keeping in touch with Yei and trying to do some forward planning so that the projects have as much funding secured for 2009 as we can achieve. We feel that there is much which needs to be prayed for so, even though we are now in the UK, please go on praying for the teams in Yei. Here are some suggestions:

. The new management team of the Martha clinic as it copes with rising patient numbers.
. The staff of the YVTC and particularly for those who have taken over some of John’s responsibilities for finance and management.
. For the recruitment of new Mission Partners by CMS Ireland.
. Our future work in Southern Sudan.
. The new Archbishop and for Bishop Hilary now back in Yei.
. For Poppy’s health as she recovers from surgery.

Thank you so much for your prayer support for us. We know that so many of your prayers have been answered.

John and Poppy


MUJUNI JULIUS said Thu, 11 Sep 2008 03:44PM
Iam impressed of the wonderful job done by John and Poppy In Southern Sudan.The praise and Glory be to God Both YVTC and Martha Clinic have gained agreat change than ever Since their existance. We continoue praying for Poppy to gain total recovery. JULIUS