Not There (Mostly...)

Spike Posted by Colin Corbridge on Tue, 24 Jun 2008 | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

So for about the first time 10 years I won’t be taking part in CMS Ireland’s venue at Summer Madness...

It was a bit weird not to be involved last week – when Julie and the Regional Mission Partners were beginning their preparation for the festival…but I have to be honest…it was also pretty liberating! Suddenly the end of June doesn’t feel chaotic and it’s been a good week of catching up on stuff that I had hoped to get round to for months.

It looks like the team pulling the CMS Ireland stuff together for this year have done a great job – and I love the whole idea of the Global Pavilion... ‘experience the world in just one room!’

Niall is doing some interesting stuff around education in Africa, James is teaming up with the Hard Gospel guys to look at issues of immigration and sectarianism and Roger is opening up questions around mission and healthcare in Asia. An international Market Place, Drum circles, chinese dragons and a bit of croquet are also on the agenda I believe…what more could you ask for?!

Good work folks! I hope it goes well.

I’m popping in to the festival, briefly, on Sunday morning to facilitate a discussion on The Seven Deadly Sins of the Modern Church – should be interesting. Bishop Harold, Brendan McCarthy and Craig Mawhinney are all on the panel and, let’s face it, that poses a few interesting questions to begin with – where are the younger voices and where are the women for starters?! Is it possible that the very make-up of the panel captures two of the ‘sins’ straight off? If you’re hoping to be there over the weekend – and want to take part in a discussion that’s about more than senseless ‘church bashing’ – then pop in and join us for that, it would be good to see you.

The other thing that’s caught my imagination this year (and I’m sorry that I won’t be there for any of it) is Andy Hickford’s discipleship stream for leaders. From what he has to say it looks as if missional thinking is right at the heart of what he will be sharing this year. Andy’s teaching is always good and I have a feeling that this might just be a bit grittier than some of his main stage stuff in recent years.

So if you’re heading to Summer Madness there are my recommendations…oh yeah…and don’t forget to check out Foy’s mainstage slot on Sunday evening…it should be a real highlight of the weekend…