Thank you God for going to Uganda

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‘Thank you God for going to Uganda, and bringing a chicken to Uganda. Amen’

Not your regular blessing before a meal, but one that Gideon rolls out each night as we hold hands to pray. Hilariously last night he stopped mid prayer and said in an amazed voice, ‘Wait, we didn’t go to Uganda tonight’ and directly thanked God for something else! (For those of you not familiar with our blog history, ‘Uganda’ is our garden where we go to dig, grow vegetables, have picnics and get off site for a few hours. Once, some time ago, we brought a chicken to stay there.)

While this isn’t a huge deal, in some ways it signifies the approach of a new season, Gideon is moving into a new stage of development. Soon he will realise that his wonderful prayer isn’t that appropriate or always true, and he will learn to say something appropriate. However I always want to remember this one liner of a prayer which is partly why I have used it in a blog.

Mid August sees the arrival (God willing) of Gideon’s preschool teacher. Currently our house resembles a building site, as we are adding a school room on to the house for Gideon’s educational needs. While Gideon knows the school room is being built for him to go to school, he has no idea what ‘school’ actually is.

Someone told me once, and I am not sure if it is a quote or a friend being really profound, but when you are raising kids, there are ‘long days, short years’. Any other parents identify with that? I have found myself many a day, counting the hours down to bedtime, so that I can have a cup of tea, put my feet up, eat something or go to the loo without being interrupted repeatedly or called to see something!! I will still have those days for some years to come I know, but suddenly I wonder where the last 3 years have gone. I know the same phenomenon is going on all over the world i.e. kids starting school, but I am just blown away by how quickly time passes.

The timing of Mairead’s (preschool teacher) arrival is perfect as life seems to resemble a whirlwind at the moment. The Bakers have gone on a much deserved home leave, and I have picked up some of Tania’s workload. (It is fascinating to have an insight into someone else’s world and work, hopefully when Tania returns I will be more supportive of her, after having walked a mile in her shoes.) There are teams and day visitors in abundance, 3rd year nursing students preparing for Hospital Finals in August, fund raisers and entertainment nights to organise and the list goes on. In the middle of this we are moving out of our house temporarily while renovations, painting and extension work is completed.

I am sure that Gideon will write a blog about school and his new teacher come the end of August. If you are the praying type, please pray for us during this time of busyness and change. Pray that Gideon and Mairead will bond quickly and have fun together.




Myrtle said Fri, 05 Jul 2013 04:55PM
Hi Denise hope you got my last message. Now I know you and Gideon it makes it much easier to pray for you. Will be remembering you all at this busy time. Miss you all so much. Trying to settle back here in Ni. Nt easy my heart is still in Uganda. Much luv and prayers and. High 5 for Gideon

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