Tea drinking for Jesus

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Measuring the effectiveness of my/our time in Kiwoko is easy in areas that can be measured: the number of nursing students that pass exams; additional funding for much needed buildings; and recording an increase in the number of neonates that survive due to a greater NICU and improving standards of care. However I am discovering that increasingly my joy is found in the ‘un-measurable’, like coming alongside people to give encouragement, to listen, to empower, to basically be available to both the ‘muzungu’ community and the Ugandan community in whatever way I can.

My roles in Kiwoko include working 2 days a week as a clinical instructor, coordinating small groups, involvement in children’s ministry and a hospitality role as ‘the wife’ of the Medical Director and last but not least being a mum.

The roles that I have had in the hospital have really been a bridge to developing relationships and as the 5 years have progressed I would like to think that many of those relationships have and are in the process of deepening. The fact that we married in Luweero and then gave birth to Gideon in Kiwoko, has also spoken volumes about our contentedness of living in Kiwoko.

Relationships take time to build no matter where you live and work. I now share some common history with people in Kiwoko, we have shared similar experiences, we have stood together in prayer, we have laughed and cried, said goodbye to people along the way, I have seen students become staff and I have ran beside them in the Kiwoko Chase – well for a while until my lungs gave way!

I am a practical type of person and often want to try and fix things or people by ‘doing’ something for them, but increasingly I am finding that I can do more for people just to be available to people when they need a cup of tea, a listening ear or a chat. These last 5 years have been a foundation on which to build more meaningful and Christ centred relationships.

2014 lies ahead of us. I am excited about our visit back to Ireland mid March, for 3 months deputation. However, I am also excited at the thought of what God is doing in our community, a lot of new staff are working in Kiwoko following the exodus of staff who decided to leave and work with the government health institutions. One such new staff member is our new Chaplain – Rev Stephen Semaganda, full of enthusiasm and ready to serve. He has been a breath of fresh air into ward ministry since his arrival 2 weeks ago.

As you can imagine I have worked my way through many pots of tea. Happily my husband organises importation of Tetley t-bags which is still the only real tea worth drinking!


Melanie said Fri, 28 Feb 2014 06:03PM
Please send a note to me when you can. I am trying to reach Friends of Kiwoko Hospital to provide a financial grant, but no one has responded to the email. Please help!

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