P1 is great fun

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Hello everybody.

When I heard that dad had put a blog up about school I thought that I’d better do one. All he knows about school is speaking at graduation ceremonies wearing silly suits once a year. I go to school every day, play badminton for PE and I am the best boy in my class.

Dad says that school starts in February in Uganda. Well you know what? – he’s not always right. I finish my p1 year in March. When I get back from Ireland in May, mum says that I will be starting p2.

P1 has been great. Sometimes superheroes send me letters and I have to hunt for the clues to help me solve the puzzles at school. It’s hard work sometimes you know! I can now do hard sums and I get homework every other day with a new reading book to do with mum and dad. Class stops for tea break at 10.30, but mum and Lisa can talk too much and I have to remind them that we need to get back to class and stop wasting time. Lisa seems to like tea as much as mum does.

I have school every morning when dad is at work. Sometimes though dad does extra days at work and gets me confused! In the afternoons Lisa does lots of different things like teaching basic computer skills for the students at the laboratory school. I play with my friends when they are free.

I am looking for a new teacher for p2. Mum says that if we don’t have a volunteer then she will teach me again. She did that for 6 weeks last year…and I’d really like a proper teacher again please instead. I love mum all the way to the moon and back, but not as my teacher.

If you know anyone who might be interested then contact my friend Gillian in the CMSI office. (She is great and lets me watch Thomas on her computer every time mum and dad go there for boring meetings.) Gillian said that she’d find me another teacher as good as Mairead and Lisa! I hope to interview anyone interested in teaching me when I am in Ireland after Easter. Hope to see you then.



debbie said Mon, 03 Aug 2015 02:16AM
Hi Gideon.... So hows ur new teacher is he or she doing well?. Hope ur working really hard and ur mummy's not drinking to much tea with ur new teacher (hehe). My family and I love to read your blogs and I very much hope to see you when I visit. 😊

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