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Hi all,

Hope this reaches you all well! My time in Arua continues to be a blessed one. On Sunday I was invited to be part of the Madi/West Nile Diocese, Special Needs Ministry Launch and Fundraising. The central organising committee for the special needs ministry are raising funds towards the purchase of a vehicle.

With regards the VTC (Vocational Training Centre), I have been in contact with a supplier in Canada and am helping with the process of acquiring a new machine for the Centre. Keeping communications going has been challenging for one reason or another but I am excited about the developments that are taking place.

Life in Arua is a challenge at times. I had no water for days and power regularly goes out. Thankfully I have a collection tank that helps with water when there is none coming from the mains. Unfortunately this is not the case for others and many go without. Illness is a part of everyday life here and I have been a bit sick myself the past few days but I’m doing fine. However, many of my friends here have family or friends who are not well or who have died.

This morning in devotions the staff and myself prayed for many things but one that stood out was the growing situation of street children here in Arua. There are agencies who help with this but the issue is becoming so great they are unable to cope.

Please keep these areas in your prayers and continue to pray for more rain. Thankfully we are getting some but little.



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