Snippets From Ibba

Publicity_shot Posted by Nigel and Carol Weallans on Mon, 11 Jul 2016 | 0 comments | Bookmark: digg this Post this to Post this to Facebook

In the last blog, I said that time to grieve in Ibba is short. This does not mean that the pain of loss is any less. Since returning to Ibba, we have met Simon and Udita, and Christopher and Nadia. It has been very difficult to know what to say to them, following the death of their baby and young child. Sometimes, we feel unequal to the task here.

Saturday in Ibba involves a trip to the main road for a bottle of pop, or ‘soda,’ as it is known here. It is usually warm, even though stored in a large chest freezer. It seems that there has been a delivery, as rice, sugar, and bags of toffees are now available. The market was also busier and it was possible to buy pineapples, which are sweet and delicious. Groundnuts and maize are being gathered from people’s ‘gardens’ and we have been given gifts of both. This morning for breakfast, we tried maize bread, which was tasty.

We asked Ronnie, our neighbour and a teacher at St. Peter’s Primary, for advice when someone asked us for money. He said that he would pay the person to grow crops for him, but, when these were harvested, give them to the worker as a present.

Moses is a midfielder for Forward, a local football team. His football boots were ‘spoiled,’ so he has been playing barefoot. In the dry season, Moses makes and sells ‘burned bricks’ to raise funds to continue into secondary education. It is now the wet season and the rains make it impossible to make and ‘burn’ bricks. This morning, Moses built us a small garden at the front of our house, assisted by Moses – there are many! We now have some attractive plants to admire as we eat our meals and Moses has cash to help him to buy a new pair of boots.

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